Maisto Custom Shop - 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T

I got this Christmas gift from a good friend of mine - Double H they call him - so nice of him and I happen to like this car and the color scheme as well.

This is Maisto Custom Shop - 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T.

This is from the first generation - 1970. The Challenger was described as Dodge's "answer to the Mustang and Camaro."

It was one of two Chrysler E-body cars, the other being the slightly smaller Plymouth Barracuda. "Both the Challenger and Barracuda were available in a staggering number of trim and option levels" and were intended "to compete against cars like the Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang, and to do it while offering virtually every engine in Chrysler's inventory.

Nonetheless, let's have a look at this car model;

The packaging;

Out of the packaging;

Features of this cars includes those rubber tires with Firestone logo on it;

Openable engine hood;

And thus you can view the engine;

That's how it looks like down there;

And now, let's have a look at the interior;

The interior is oretty neat and simple, not much to brag about but I like it...

Overall, this is a beautiful 1/64 scale model of 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T in an old school orange color. The finishing is quite good and I'm quite happy with it. This is one of those that I will keep in original color - no customization what so ever. Thanks to Double H for this wonderful Christmas gift.



  1. the Challenger was the correct reply from Chrysler to the Chevrolet/Ford Challenge (and that sounded like a title from the newspaper LOL)... i heard some people say that this guy is bigger than the Dodge Charger in almost every sense, but i think both of them looks great... is awesome to receive gifts from friends, specially when they know our tastes =)


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