Hot Wheels - '69 Mercury Cougar Eliminator

This is a beautiful customized 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator from Hot Wheels. I don't

As some sort of "counter attack" from rivals like Camaro Z28 and the SS Camaro and in fact Ford's own "Boss 302" and Mach 1 Mustangs, Ford introduced the Eliminator in April 1969 with variety of options available to attract the attention of the possible buyer/owner.

From the very moment I look at the car, without any hesitation I say this is damn nice!!! and so I grabbed it....

The packaging;

Out of the packaging;

Features of this particular item are those lovely Cranston Fire Engine decals and "fire" color scheme;

Rear spoiler;

Oh well, that's about it.... this particular model is all about pleasing the eyes...

Overall, this is a beautiful classic Mercury Cougar Eliminator at 1/64 scale from Hot Wheels. The finishing for this particular unit is brilliant, I'm lucky I guess. However, even though I don't deny that the color scheme is beautiful but I tend to dislike it and thus I decided to do some work to make this car look typical old fashion and simple....

And this is the result;

Just a personal taste of mine... you may or may not like it... I don't care LOL.... it's my car...



  1. "you may or may not like it... I don't care LOL.... it's my car..." you’re such a subversive !!! =P... but that’s exactly what a would reply to someone who doesn’t like what i like...

    i haven’t seen the actual Cougar Eliminator, but i think the name says all... by the way, i still prefer the original decoration (so i already know the answer for that... LOL) but the plain red reminds my your not-customized Plymouth Belvedere which is beautiful so... thumbs up pal =)


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