Fourze Module Change Series 04 - Kamen Rider Meteor

This is Kamen Rider Meteor action figure from from "Fourze Module Change Series" action figures/toys line up based on the current Kamen Rider Fourze tv show in Japan. This figure is produced by "the big brother B" - Bandai, thru their long term collaboration with Toei (and in directly Ishimori Productions)

It seems to be common since the last few years ago that the main Kamen Rider hero and series will have some sort of "side kick" or "secondary protagonist" just like Batman who have Robin as his bitch LOL...

Kamen Rider Decade have that blue and black guy - Kamen Rider Diend. After that Kamen Rider W (or Double) have his few other friends with several colors followed by Kamen Rider Ozu with his pal Kamen Rider Bitch..... I mean Kamen Rider Birth.... LOL... and now it's the time for Fourze to have his own bitch to kick around as well LOL....

Anal sex is really a difficult act to perform without full consent and thus let's start with this figure review LOL;

The box;

Eventually, prior to browsing around our official online hobby shop (HLJ) I never really look around the world wide web about this Meteor guy. I haven't watch a single episode of Kamen Rider Fourze anyway and I don't know much info about the development of the series but I do know exactly when the new action figure available for pre-order in (HLJ) - thus I never expected that this "FMCS04 Kamen Rider Meteor" is a combination of the action figure and the motobike..... certainly a pretty nice bonus....

And frankly speaking, I only knew about it last week when payment is due and (HLJ) are about to send the item, when I click the link again and wow... I see the picture... a figure and a bike - I'm amazed...

Some photos from the backside of the box/packaging;

Out of the box... you will get these stuff;

And of coz, the manual is there as well if you need them;

Now let's have a look at this figure;

And a little bit of close up looks on the design, sculpt, painting and finishing;

My impression on this Meteor guy figure is that the design and detailing is quite brilliant, the glossy finishing is nice while the face/head/helmet design - my oh my - way much cool or better than the face/head/helmet design of Kamen Rider Fourze. It's like some sort of blue flames keep on burning and shining brightly on the head.... awesome....

This is the "Meteor Galaxy" gauntlet and basically this is Meteor sole weapon;

In fact, so far, this is the one and only thing that I dislike about this figure... they fixed the left hand pointing figure to be this way and thus you can't really do the "punching" or "grabbing" articulation act on the left hand...

I guess it has something to do with the intention of the designing team so that we can achieve this kind of pose;

And oh... maybe this is one of the other reason why they designed it that way... so that this guy can do this "pressing a button" act on his "Meteor Galaxy" gauntlet at his right arm, something like this;

I don't really know why but maybe that is the trademark of this cock sucker so it's quite important to have his finger to be that way LOL....

Articulation wise, no problem what so ever.... this joint system of this figure is so fantastic and dynamic and thus you can perform lot's of action pose that you can think off;

Now let's see the bike;

Not much I can say about it, I'm not really a bike fan of bike and not much I knew about bike either but I think it's quite nicely detailed and they did their best to replicate the actual bike as seen in the tv show. From the design and looks of this bike, I think this bike is those "motocross" type of bike - Honda XR250 - the designed motif is those artificial satellite. The name of this bike in the tv show is "MBM3000X".

A little bit of pose with the Meteor guy on his "MBM3000X".... faster than any other Vespa in this planet LOL....

Vroom... Vroom... Vroooooooooommmmmmm....

I don't know much about this Kamen Rider Meteor guy but you can read more about his pervert personality from Wikipedia =

Nonetheless from the little that I knew after reading that articles and from what I can see on the back of the box, Kamen Rider Meteor can summon Cosmic Energy to harness the power of the planets. When the Meteor Switch is inserted into the Meteor Galaxy's Switch Socket, it initiates a Rider Punch Limit Break known as the Starlight Shower.

Thus, with my poor skills of photo manipulating... I did a few of these to copy what I saw on the box;

All the results above were created from Photoscape which you can download from here; ( and it's legally free....

Overall, this is a good action figure of Kamen Rider Meteor coupled with that fascinating bike - a wonderful 2 in 1 packaging and they are not heavy at all. The design, detailing and finishing are nice and my only personal dislike about it is only on that left hand pointing finger but in fact that is not really a big problem - in a way you could say that it's unique to be that way.

In my opinion, if you can afford it and lucky enough to collect all figures available from this Fourze Module Change Series, then by all means, get all of them, but if you wanted to be choosy and selective, I think you can just get the FMCS01 Base States and this FMCS04 Meteor. The again, at the end, it's up to you what you want really, this personal preference matter is just like sex fetish, some people like anal sex, some don't... simple as that LOL....

You can order this thing from HLJ =



  1. ah sweet bike :) yeah because of the finger the left hand don't looks good ...

  2. this Karmen rider quite cool. The cycle design not very conventional than the usual one but it is good!

  3. i think this series of figures are very well done and based on the pics they have great articulation features (that’s what i call articulation !!! do you hear me Hot Toys ??? LOL), the glossy finish with glittering effect is cool !!!... now, the bike is too odd for my taste but it’s a nice complement for this Rider... by the way, your photo FX toolbox is not that bad =P LOL

  4. So sweet of Big Brother 'B' to even throw in the figure which is pretty much good articulation. I do get my toys from HLJ especially when I'm desperate to get it and couldn't find locally. I also would buy toys which I think look nice even if I didn't watch the show or anime, as long as it suit my liking. Nice bike, just that the headlight looks a bit weird to me.

  5. I recommend watching episode 31, Meteor was simply epic!

  6. Your review is nice but I could do with out the vulgarity. I mean its just kind of gross for no reason.

    1. In 2020, comment noted and appreciated and thank you for your visit... cheers


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