Fast Lane - London Bus

This is a decent London Bus from a Chinese brand "Fast Lane" available from local stores for a mere SGD 5.00 (just around USD 3.00 plus something like that). I don't know much about this "Fast Lane" brand but I tend to believe they are a Chinese brand with their own factory in China and they also have those 1/64 scale die cast car models like what you can get from Hot Wheels, Maisto, Matchbox etc. with slightly cheaper price than those Hot Wheels, locally here it's SGD 2.90 while typical Hot Wheels price is SGD 3.50

I like London Bus, in a way, it's one of those popular London icons, I never been to London and that means I never had the chance to be on the open-air top floor of such bus in Asia but at least I can buy this replica at a decently cheap price.

The box;

Outside the box;

Since they use screw, we can separate the body and chasis and observe the interior further;

But before we do that, let's just see what we can see easily;

And now, let's have a look at the interior from the bottom floor;

Nothing great actually... simple as it could be....

I would love to paint all those white parts into black, I guess it would be more nicer with dark color;

And that's about it.... overall, this is a nice London Bus replica at reasonable size and price. It doesn't promise anything spectacular, you get what you pay - a simple London Bus, nice for display.



  1. i think this bus is a nice replica an pretty decent coming from an unknown brand... also the presentation in box adds an extra value as collectible... i remember when everything (including diecasts) were made in China... nowadays Thailand, Malasya and other countries have been making a great work as diecasts manufacturers... =)


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