2012 - The Dragon Year

Hello my fellow Shewsburians, my fellow blogging friends, my fellow toy and figures collectors, my loyal or frequent or once in a blue moon readers as well as the new visitors, readers and followers of Shewsbury Land and all my friends out there, once again, I would like to wished you all a Happy New Year 2012, I hope that you are all in good and happy situation where ever you are.

2012 finally come, for some folks, it's just another year while for some others, this could be the beginning of something new in life, for Shewsbury Land however, this year will be the deciding year if we want to continue further or not with the internet existence of Shewsbury Land - make or break.

Though I eventually have no financial interest what so ever from running Shewsbury Land as it is purely a platform for me to share and to express my view on certain things that I like, but I certainly do care about the direction of Shewsbury Land and where it will go next? I always ask that question to my self.

I've been handling this blog for 5 years now since August 2006, though back then in the old days I used to blog about my personal life and my friends around me (all those contents have been deleted though ^__^ ) but slowly in 2008 my interest with figures and toys suddenly re-ignited again and it's all started with those Gundams and then action figures and then cars and so on while along the way I also manage to produce things like "digirama" or "comic strip" or what ever you would like to call it.

I've met many friends, online and offline, thru Shewsbury Land and for that I am so thankful to it. I also witness a few bloggers friends where their blogs is slowly "dying" - first with lack of update for many months and then eventually when someday I visited their blog again, it's gone - for what ever reasons they might have - lost interest, change of hobby, too busy with other important things in life like family, works, study etc. - but the bottom line is, they are gone.

And thus sometimes, such scenario also made me think about the future of Shewsbury Land. I fully aware that for me to keep on going, the passion have to be there. So far, my passion for toys and figures is still there but as a typical "Gemini" - I tend to get bored with something and always hunger for new adventure. I think in the past few years, Shewsbury Land is steadily become a consistent toys and figures review blog - one out of many more out there. I knew for sure that Shewsbury Land may not be the best when it comes to toys and figure reviews but I also fully aware that we are not the worst either. We consistently produce lot's of original contents, some of you like it, some of you don't but no matter what others said about Shewsbury Land, but so far, we just keep on going.

I knew that some of my readers, including my friends does not like my approach of "pro-sexual thingy" or some would say "pervertism" but then again at least that's the way Shewsbury Land is trying to be different from any other typical toys, figures and hobby blogs or website out there.

We never bother to target those young and sinless kids and we never bother about those adults who claimed to have high moral values either. Internet is free and open to all and thus we believe people have the right to see and read and decide if they like it or not. Simple as that.

Shewsbury Land are in the world and standard of their own - maybe it's not really for kids but should be decent for adults and mature audience who love to have fun. I have enough of those nonsense rules and regulations and restrictions here and there... Shewsbury Land should be a platform to express our creative fun idea about toys, figures, hobby and other wonderful stuff in life... Like it or loathe it, this is the way we want it to be....

Remember those "Vanity of Vanities" quotes from the anime "Gensomaden Saiyuki";

"Kill Buddha as you meet him...Kill the Father as you meet him... Never be captivated by anyone, just live as yourself the way you are" - Gensomaden Saiyuki.

Obviously we do not want to kill anybody but the point is - "live as yourself the way you are" - simple as that - thus Shewsbury Land should exist the way as it should be.

I'm not sure my self if this will be the final year or should we continue forever, one thing for sure at this point of time is that I still have the interest and will continue as usual till when someday the day come for me to retired for good.

Thank you to all readers and visitors who frequently come and visit Shewsbury Land especially those who willing to take their time to leave some nice comments and feedback. I knew that many of readers, visitors and friends are too busy or too lazy to leave any comments but we are OK with that coz at least they come frequently.

To those who dislike us or think that Shewsbury Land is a bad blog for toys and figures review, then don't bother to leave comment coz I will say to you "Go fuck your self", there are thousands of other excellent review blogs out there, good luck in finding the best in accordance to your need and go fuck yourself.... LOL....

And below is still one of my favorite quotes of all time LOL;

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie, not a single time; never..."

You know who said that right? ^__^



  1. HAHAHA... actually i’m a "young" blogger, so the idea of terminate my blog doesn’t even cross my mind... as you, i’m not doing this for money (although a lil’ bit wouldn’t be bad) and i’m pretty sure that my contents and style are one of a kind so i don’t expect to be the-everyone’s-cup-of-coffee... about the sexual issue, well, i try to be as respectful as i can and to respect others’ tastes and sex is not my obsession but is a fact of life... i have heard about the others’ blogs termination and is a bit sad, but if i decide to terminate mine it will be my own decision... so go ahead man, i think we still have something to say and to share with the rest of the world and if that weren’t the case, why we would bother to create a blog anyway??? and if this is a way to meet some fellows out there, why not???

    Happy New Year!!!

  2. Happy New year, looking forward to see what will appear in this blog this year :D this blog is unpredictable ^^

  3. Let's not forget that 2012 is also Gundam SEED's 10th anniversary.

  4. Happy New year bro. All the best for this year and always stay positive. You have my support. :)

  5. Greeting to you for a the approaching Dragon year. I shared the same sentiment on getting less blogger friends who slow down to eventually stopped blogging. Perhaps, Facebook had an impact too!


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