MASK - Brad Turner and Condor

I was browsing around for some so called vintage toys and suddenly I found an online shop offering some decent amount of collectibles toys from the 80's era and the rest is history....

However, this online shop is from America (US of A) and eventually, apart from Amazon, I never really bought anything direct from America and thus I'm bit concern on how long the shipment will take. I don't like to wait forever, if I want something, I want it quick and I want it fast thus I'm willing to pay premium price for the shipment if needed.

These are the cost of purchase for these all these items;

MASK Kenner 1985 Bruce Sato = $5.59
MASK Kenner 1985 Condor = $13.59
MASK Kenner 1986 Miles Mayhem = $5.59

Subtotal = $24.77
Shipping = $27.75
Handling = $1.50

Order Total = $54.02

The above are in US Dollar of course, you can do the math in your own currency or you can just visit to use their currency converter.

So this is the Condor, basically the green bike and the figure with mask, basically he is one of the guy in the heroes team;

And the guy in white is Bruce Sato while the one in blue is Miles Mayhem, the villain's big boss in the series;

About the price, not sure if it's expensive or cheap, but in my opinion, the price is indeed cheap for such vintage toys because in here this will be sold at a terrible marked up price, absolute nonsense price.

I've seen lot's of ridiculous price marked up here locally especially those Hot Wheels. It's amazing that some of the guys calling themselves the pioneer of certain toys club in here but at the same time they are also the big shark and crocodile slaying the new comers of the hobbies.

Looking at them selling a standard items for double and some even goes up to triples the original price is really a pity, I feel sorry for those who bought it. This is totally profit maker opportunist rather than anything else.

I understand that people want to make profit but sometimes it's way just too much. Furthermore, they made "a club" for their hobbies encouraging many new collectors to joined them but what kind of "encouragement" is that when all they did are making good money for themselves? If I were to create such club, I will choose to help spread the hobby in a more fashionable manners rather than being profit orientated only.

However, this kind of thing happen anyway including in those open online market like E-Bay. SO not much we can say or do, but if it's me, I will just look at them silently and reserve my own opinion - surely I don't buy. I rather use my money for something else...

Nonetheless... let's get back to the review... first we will have a look at this Bruce Sato figure;

He is the heroes team technology specialist, something like mechanical engineer and design specialist - a genius guy in a way. He love to talks in metaphor or riddles that, for the most part, only Matt Tracker could understand and this made him like almost a "Master Yoda". He is married and have a few kids. In his normal life, he worked as toy designer.

Articulation wise, this is all you get, at that time in the 1985 this is indeed awesome!!!!!

And this is his mask;

The mask is more than just a helmet, head and face protector - eventually if they wear the mask, they can get some sort of other abilities like jumping and floating up high on the air or maybe they can lift up some heavy stuff without the need to use their hands.... something like "magic stuff"

Almost each characters in the MASK series have their own mask and their respective special abilities.... none of them have the mask that can make you see thru the cloth though ^__^ that would be awesome for a pervert like me LOL....

The next figure is the villain big boss - Mile Mayhem or you can just call him George Bush if you like.... LOL

He look like a typical man from Texas ready to wield his penis aggressively to anyone he don't like and he just don't give a damn.... LOL

Apparently this old man have a twin brother called Max Mayhem....

And now finally... we review the Brad Turner and the green bike called Condor;

First, let's have a look at the figure of Brad Turner;

Brad Turner is a MASK agent by day and a rock n roll guys at night either on stage or tuning his guitar and maybe watching some porn movie LOL. A nice guy but usually the first to question Matt Tracker (the leader of the heroes team) when something is out of the ordinary. Usually wearing a set of dark glasses.

Brad Turner is the kind of cool guy in the 80's, and if he was real, he'd probably be a VJ in MTV "Pimp My Ride" by now LOL. IN the past this figure came with the Condor motorcycle toy, which cost at around USD 5.00 or USD 5.99 something like that and it turned out to be the most popular toys from MASK series coz its cheap.

So now, let's have a look at the motorbike transformation process - from a typical bike into a helicopter (or something like that);

And that's about it.... very cool right? oh well, when I was still kids in the middle and late 1980's this thing is AWESOME!!!!

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this vintage toys I bought from the US of A. The overall condition of the toys is remarkable. I have no complain what so ever and I'm grateful that I can go back to the nostalgic era of those days. Price wise, (minus the shipment charges of coz) is reasonable and I am pretty happy with it. It took within 2 weeks (14 days) before I received the items and I think it's a fair deal.

I might buy something else from that store soon ^__^



  1. man, i agree that those guys who dare to call themselves "collectors" and try to see you "the face" stealing your hard earned money are just repulsive... but the worst thing is when you make deals with them, then you deserve to be called idiot... fortunately we are collectors with criteria =)

    the vintage toys have certainly a lot a creativity and they’re colorful, but the lack of detail in some of them makes me hesitate, anyway if you like them and is a fair deal for you, that’s what really matters...

    P.S. please change the name of my blog in your blogroll from "Chrisman Design" to "My First Bloggy Experience"... THX in advance =D

  2. ah I remember my Big Bro have that green Bike/Helicopter :D I am sure it still somewhere around, I play a lot with it before :) Such a nostalgic item, not sure where the figure thought :(


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