Kamen Rider Fourze FMCS 03 Fire States

When Larry Kong asked President Bill what he would be if he is not a president at that time, Clinton said; "I wanna be a Kamen Rider, with red color suit...."

And then Larry Kong asked him again - "why is that?" (as if Larry have any clue what the heck is Kamen Rider anyway)

So Bill said; "Oh well, red color reminded me of gorgeous lady wearing nothing but red bra and red panties...."

Larry Kong then quickly called for the commercial - "We'll be back, right after this...."

LOL... not sure if any of you would believe that nonsense anyway....

Nonetheless, forget the adulterous former President Bill.... no matter what, I think he is cool anyway and he is one of my heroes LOL... let's now proceed with this review of "Kamen Rider Fourze FMCS 03 Fire States" action figures produced by Bandai.

This is Kamen Rider Fourze's red-colored form accessed by the Fire Switch at full power.

In Fire States, Kamen Rider Fourze wields the Hee-Hackgun, which has both fire- and water-based attacks. Kamen Rider Fourze can can also absorb all fire based attacks while in Fire States into the Fire Switch, giving it more power and allowing it to release all of its stored power during its Limit Break. The ability to absorb fire was brought out due to Gentaro's attempt to befriend Tomoko and accept her qualities. He also has an unnamed Limit Break in conjunction with the Launcher and Gatling Switches where he fires a barrage of fire, missiles, and bullets

The box;

Out of the box;

And now the action figure;

As you can see above, it's typical of these gimmick action figure from Bandai however those from this particular series (Fourze) seems to have the best eye detailing if compared to the others series like FFR, WFC and OCC.

Articulation is excellent, the usual kneeling pose is not a problem;

Again, some close up look on the detailing and design of the figure;

And now let's have a look at the weapons... first this "Hee-Hackgun" designed by Melvin Hee Kok Wing and Hacken Lee;

The next stuff is this lovely white shield;

This feel so "Gundamish"......

The next cool stuff is this Beat Module - some sort of speaker crying out loud noise of people having sex or R&B and Hip Hop music that can make you loose concentration;

Many believed that it's a Sony brand speaker though some also claimed it is Altec Lansing brand LOL.....

And lastly this Gatling Module - basically a gatling gun;

According to Miyamoto Musashi, this gatling gun can shoot 10 rounds per second. The bullets have enough power to pierce into concrete..... imagine if you have such great results of face cum shots.... LOL....

And that's about it.... but seriously, for me personally, all these weapon combination is kind of "Gundamish".... in other words, it reminded me of a customized Gundam of some sort - at least in my imagination....

Overall, I think this is another exciting action figure for Kamen Rider Fourze. The weapons, apart from the speaker is wonderful..... why would you carry such a big speaker nowadays when you can just buy a smaller miniature size.... LOL

Most of all... I love the color red coz it reminded me of pretty lady with red bikini.... very good for erection.... LOL



  1. how many times i said i’m not a fan of Kamen Rider ??? 2,544 times ??? ok, let’s do it again =P... but that not includes specific figures from this series, like this one that is another case of "series i hate, figures i love"... it’s certainly well done with a lot of great accessories, the detail and paint job is above average... finally, is a figure a would consider seriously if i were a Kamen fan =)

  2. so far still not as interesting as OCC series adn wonder why they design the the suit form with legs and left arm still white +_+; i think all red would be nicer :)


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