Hot Wheels - Custom '77 Dodge Van

I'm not quite sure what the heck is the actual model name for this van but from my little research thru Google and Wikipedia, my guess is that this is one of those Doddge Ram Van made by the Chrysler Corporation, model 1977.

For sure, this is a very nice van to have sex inside it LOL... if you love to "screw around" in your vehicle, this is one to consider..... I'm thinking of former President Bill Clinton... LOL...

Some serial rapist and sex offenders also would love this kind of van, it has power, speed and space.... LOL

So, let's start the review;

The packaging;

And now, out of the packaging;

Feature wise, not much I can say apart from what you already saw... first those gold colored front grills...

Chromy gold colored wheels;

And those "fire-like" decals...

And as a bonus, you can see the interior easily thru the roof top;

And of course, we take a step further and analyze the interior further;

And that's about it...

Overall, I think this is a very nice Dodge Van at miniature size, nice painting finishing with exciting color scheme and visible interior. I don't like those fire-like decals, hate it in fact as I prefer something plain simple and I dont really fancy with too many gold color scheme on this the "metal" parts of this van either. The good thing is, I can always customized this van in accordance to my personal taste and preferences, so no big deal. I would prefer to call this as the "Dodgy Sexy Van" instead LOL...

And to make the dream comes true... I decided to customized this van and now this is it - "1977 Dodge Van Shewsbury Custom - The Dodgy Sexy Van" - enter at your own risk....LOL...

Apart from the main color scheme changes, the only other thing I did is transform the interior to be in all black color... I think it looks more realistic than the original light color:

That is all folks.... to all pretty ladies out there, come have a ride in our "Dodgy Sexy Van" - you will experience fantastic orgasm repeatedly LOL ^___^



  1. hi pal =)... well, let me begin telling you that this is a ’77 Dodge Tradesman 100 Van (there are available the Tradesman 200 and Tradesman 300 versions and the main difference between them is the length, the 100 is the shorter)... second, are you obsessed with red/black color scheme and sex??? LOL... third, i just love the contrast you made between the golden plate front grille and the silver headlights... =D

    by the way, i love the flames =P

  2. I see... I do thought about the Tradesman but I'm not certain either, this model is not available in Asia. So I wont pretend that I knew about it :-)

    The red/black color scheme... Oh well, my favorite color I would say - plus that is the only spray paint I have now, apart from the usual old school blue and white and silver as primer.

    As for sex, yes I am addicted to sex LOL, unlike any other typical toy and hobby blogs, Shewsbury Land is a pervert toy blog, so you better watch out LOL :-)


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