Maisto Custom Shop - Pro Rodz Stylers - 1960 Ford Starliner

This is a "1960 Ford Starliner" produced by Maisto under their "Maisto Custom Shop - Pro Rodz Stylers" 1/64 die cast car series.

I was so excited about this car quickly take it out from the packaging and do the photoshot for review but I totally forgot to take picture of the packaging like we always did >__< sigh.....

Nonetheless, not much to say now... let's see the car out of the packaging;

My first impression is that this car is simple and should be fun to cruise around with....

Not much fancy features to be highlighted about this car, it has simple straight forward design;

Perhaps apart from the gorgeous paint works, the only think to highlight about the exterior is those wheels but still nothing much in it;

This is how it looks like down there;

With the usual Philips screw driver you can easily open it up and see the interior;

A humble but cute interior color scheme;

And that's about it... As I said earlier, nothing fancy what so ever but I somehow like this car and the customization done by Maisto Custom Shop for it's down to earth approach and if I own the real car - I would love to use it on Sunday afternoon cruising around near the beach ^__^

Eventually I will do some color changes here and there on this car to make it "Shewsbury Custom" ^__^

Look forward to it....



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