Maisto Custom Shop - 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

This is a wonderful 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 in 1/64 scale produced by Maisto under their "Custom Shop" series.

With V8 engine capable to produce over 300 hp, this is quite a strong car and any dogs hit by this car at 100 mph will have less chances to survive LOL....

The packaging;

Outside the packaging;

This car have some great features for a 1/64 scale car....

Nice decals;

Nice exhaust pipe;

I dislike the wheels color though but then again they did that on purpose to matched the color scheme they choose for this car.

This car also ahave "engine" gimmick.... you can open up the hood and see the "fantastic engine"

And to see the interior or if in case you wanted to do customization and modification on this car, you can easily separate the chasis and the body using the usual Philips screw driver;

Let's have a look at the interior;

I personally feel that the interior detailing is quite good but then again I already have plan to do further customization on this model ^__^

The "engine";

Overall, this is a nice replica of Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 at 1/64 scale and it comes with decent price as well. Not many can get the real car anymore but Maisto make it easy for you to owned this with decent price ^___^ We look forward to do some customization project on this car....



  1. I didn't know Chevrolet has got such long history. Got to know the car only after Transformers movie.

  2. Hi there, where can I get one of these car, looks awesome. I have quite a collection of 1/64 Early 2nd Gen Camaro. First time I have seen this one.

  3. hi unknown, welcome to Shewsbury Land, assuming that u r a new visitor, in my place we can find this car model from Maisto in many major departmental store or toys shop. Not sure where is ur country, but if u can't get it from any of the local stores, try online shop like eBay or Amazon or many others out there that u can find thru Google search. God luck.


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