Maisto Custom Shop - 1971 Chevrolet Vega

I saw many emphatic variations of this Chevrolet Vega or rather Chevy Vega from the website below and I think they are all awesome..... old school is really rock!!!

And when I suddenly saw this car at one of the local retailer, without further thinking I just grabbed it ^__^

This is the review of "Maisto Custom Shop - 1971 Chevrolet Vega" produced by Maisto under their popular "Custom Shop" die cast toy car model series.

The packaging;

Out of the packaging;

What ever that thing is on top of the engine hood, I don't know what is it actually but I think it looks funky!!!! Not many car have such thing though I'm not sure if this is street legal or not ^__^ We have to ask our American friend to find out about that... but damn, that thing is cool!!!

This model (the real one I mean) is only available in the US or maybe also in some other countries that use American left hand steering system but if you are super rich, I guess you can import a customized version for you ^___^

Eventually I do imagine how it feels like to drive with that big thing appear on your main wind screen all the time ^__^

Some of the features on this car - first and foremost, the most notable one, that thing on top of the engine hood;

Some nice decals;

Small front wheels and big rear wheels.... plus the tire have the mark of "Custom Shop"

This is how it looks like down there;

And as usual, with the normal Philips screw driver you can easily open up this car;

And after than you can see the interior easily;

Although the white color scheme is quite unique, I have plan to paint the dashboard with the usual black color later and I guess the 2 front seat will become red. Oh well, we just wait and see later if and when I modify the color of this car ^___^ maybe I will, maybe I wont....

The Chevy Vega is an awesome funky classic American car with lot's of power in it. As for this die cast car model from Maisto, I think they did a great job with the finishing, not perfect but quite admirable. The best part is, if you have the idea and the time and ingredients, you can still do your own customization on this car. This is a unique funky car that fits to be join the collections of Shewsbury Land ^__^



  1. so this is your Vega by Maisto ??? not bad, but in my case i would prefer something from Jada... by the way the big thing above the engine is a scoop or air intake to improve the air/fuel mix... for the type of wheels it use i could bet is a dragster and probably it would need a weelie bar on the rear... seriously the Vega looks like a boss in dragster suit !!!... =)


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