Kamen Rider Fourze FMCS 02 Elek States

This is the review of Kamen Rider Fourze action figures with gimmick produced by Bandai under the "Kamen Rider Fourze FMCS series". The product name is "Kamen Rider Fourze FMCS 02 Elek States".

Elek States (エレキステイツ Ereki Suteitsu) is Kamen Rider Fourze's golden form accessed by the Elek Switch at full power. In Elek States, Kamen Rider Fourze is able to control electricity and use the Billy The Rod.

This form's Limit Break finishing attack for Elek States is a Rider Kick called the Rider Lightning Drill Kick (ライダー電光ドリルキック Raidā Denkō Doriru Kikku), allowing Fourze to use both the Billy The Rod and the Drill Module on his opponent, in addition to the Rider 10 Billion Volt Break.

With the Billy The Rod and the Winch Module, Kamen Rider Fourze can perform the Rider Electric Shock (ライダー電気ショック Raidā Denki Shokku).

Kamen Rider Fourze is initially unable to activate Elek States during the first use of the Elek Switch, due to not being familiar with the Switch's States-changing powers, causing its electrical abilities to backfire. After Gentaro's experience in befriending JK, he realizes that he has to "befriend" the Elek Switch, accepting the qualities that makes it what it is, even the bad ones, enabling the transformation into Elek States without any unwanted side-effects.

The box;

Out of the box;

The Fourze in his Elek States;

Come to think of it, this suit remind me of the popular yellow and black suit;

Notes: I do not claim any rights to the above images from Kill Bill movie and Game of Death 2 movie. All rights and credits belong to the respective copyrights owner. Images are use as reference only and not for business purpose what so ever.

Remember those 2 movies? I wonder if the character and costume designers in Toei and Ishimori Productions did this as a tribute to those movies ^__^

Details wise, not as fantastic as those from Bandai "S.H. Figuarts series" and this gimmick action figures do look like "toys" but I think they are quite decent and I have no complain about it.

The eye details received biggest improvement if compared to the previous generations of gimmick action figures from Bandai like FFR series (Kamen Rider Decade), WFC series (Kamen Rider W) and last year's OCC series (Kamen Rider OOO).

Articulation wise, this figure have excellent articulation capability and thus this standard kneeling post is not a problem at all;

Unlike those from "S.H. Figuarts" series, this figure does not need any extra hands coz even the hands and fingers have great articulation;

And further improvement on the ankle articulation ability;

All the weapons for this "Elek States" form - from left to right; Billy The Rod, Camera Module, Hopping Module and Chainsaw Module;

First, let's have a look at this Billy The Rod Module;

Next is the Camera Module;

Attached in onto the arms and ready to shoot ^__^

The Hopping Module... I guess this one is to assist Fourze to jump up high before he perform the usual final attack kick - known as Rider Lightning Drill Kick (ライダー電光ドリルキック Raidā Denkō Doriru Kikku);

And last but not least, the Chainsaw Module that have powerful engine that can rotate the blade up to 15,000 RPM, allowing his kicks to deal devastating cuts...

This how Fourze looks like if you attached all those stuff together;

Overall, this is another form of Kamen Rider Fourze as seen on the TV series which also means another additional merchandise items produced by Bandai. This gimmick action figure have great articulation, wonderful bunch of weapons and promise you lots of fun playing with it and it can be a decent collectors item for Kamen Rider action figure collectors.



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