The Judge in Blue

I finally decided to change the color of "The Judge" from the original out of the packaging yellow color to this "sea blue" color;

This is the "1970 Pontiac GTO The Judge Shewsbury Custom" a.k.a "The Judge in Blue"

This is actually a "Hot Wheels" 1/64 scale die cast car model and just like many other "Hot Wheels" cars, they use the so called "rivets" mechanism and I find it extremely difficult to detached the car body and the chassis. I do some research about it and some other people apparently have to use certain suitable drills to open up the car.

As for me, I have to just try my luck using some screw drivers and few other sharp objects to open up this car and separate the body and the chassis.

And this is the result;

Surely looks quite ugly there and I'm lucky that I didn't destroy it.....

Customizing cars from "Hot Wheels" is certainly not something that I will do often considering how difficult it is to go thru this part...

And once you done with the hard work... the reward is you can see the interior and of coz you can start doing the painting work on the body;

However, I decided not to do any changes on the interior as it is quite difficult to do so. Unlike those 1/64 die cast cars from Maisto, the 2 front seat are actually "embedded" onto the rest of the interior part so if you insist to do additional coloring works... it can be difficult...

And that's about it.... this is "The Judge in Blue" - simple classic look with cool and calm feeling on it but always being subjective when it comes to speed ^__^



  1. so how you re attach the chassis to the body ?

  2. Well, eventually when u put them back together, they stick - in a way... as long as you dont shake them brutally, the body wont really be separated from the chasis.... of coz if you want more solid solution, use white glue.... but in this case I didn't bother to glue them coz basically they are OK....

  3. this is another beauty in wheels, what a shame that after all these years Pontiac has gone... the HW cast here is very well done and the blue paint work you did is pretty neat... i have this one as well, but no plans for customization =)

  4. Thanks Chris... you are the first person who said that my work is neat ^__^

    This customization thingy... I guess it's not really for everybody... in fact even my customization which I always referred to as "Shewsbury Custom" is nothing special actually... just color change here and there and that's about it.... I just do it to pass time for fun sake and I'm happy with it...


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