1971 Chevrolet Vega Shewsbury Custom

We decided to also customized our Chevrolet Vega and this is the result. First we will look at the interior....

This is the original look;

And change the look by choosing black as the main interior color;

As for the body/exterior... I try to stick with the same blue color but minus all those decals, this is the original look;

And this is after the re-painting project;

I just use the typical red marker pen for the break lights, I'm quite clumsy so the result is not perfect but I guess that's my limit and I should be happy with it;

Unfortunately, I don't know how to remove that 10.14 - I guess it could mean October 14 but maybe I'm wrong... it could be anything... regardless, since I can't remove it, so I just leave it as it is... I did try soak it in the water for 2 hours and nothing happen, I also try using hair dryer and no result as well... end up, better don't bother about it as I don't want any scratches on that main wind screen...

I like this "sea blue" color a lot. In a way it's kind of "old school" color and this "Chevy Vega" now look a little harmless than it used to be ^__^



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