1/43 Lamborghini Superleggera from Doyusha

This is the review of 1/43 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, a simple car plastic model kit produced by Doyusha, suitable specially for beginners though experience modeller may also try it for fun sake.

1/43 Lamborghini Super Leggera
Code: DYS00231

This Doyusha plamokit is produced in their China factory, from the name and after viewing their website I learned that this company is just another Japanese hobby and toy producers with factory in China.... oh well, just like many other hobby and toys producers from Japan...

You can visit their website from this link = http://www.doyusha-model.com/

I'm not a big fan of Lamborghini actually though I admit that they produce beautiful (and expensive) sports car and I do know that they are owned by Audi and eventually Audi is under Volkswagen. Nonetheless I still grabbed this kit simply because I just love to work on it because it is simple and easy - a truly beginners friend.

Out of the box, the car body comes in glossy yellow color, to make it looks nicer or to suit your personal taste you need to paint it though, for those super minimalist, you can just ignore painting and proceed with the assembly works though the final result may looks so "plasticky". Another simple thing that you could at least do (if you don't want to do any painting works) is to apply some top coat on the body.

At the end, it's your money, your time, your model kit and your personal taste, do it the way you want it to be...

You do need to use those Tamiya cement for this car and on certain parts I also use the conventional "super glue".

Doyusha also includes "photo-etched" metail details for the brake rotors but I didn't bother to use it.

Minus painting works and other extra detailing works (if any), you can actually finished this kit within 1 hour or just over an hour. No rush, take your time.

And this is my Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera or should I say Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera Shewsbury Custom;

I changed the color from yellow to this glossy dark grey or something like that ^___^

As you can see from the box picture (the first and second pictures in this article), the wheel color is chrome and I changed it to black color. This brake rotors inside were black originally and I make it silver and I use marker pen to make the brake pad red.

There suppose to be Lamborghini logo (water slide decals) to be placed on the center of the wheels but I skipped that part LOL....

I Google for the engine pictures and from what I can see, in general, this is how it should look like;

Notes: The above image taken from http://www.caroverload.com/blog/2009/08/01/vw-rabbit-part-lamborghini/. I do not claim any rights on this image. All credits and rights belong to the respective owner.

Eventually, for fuck sake LOL.... I mean for fun sake... I decided to be bitchy and painted it red like this;

I also painted the seat with red color;

The horny bull logo of Lamborghini LOL....

On this side parts, there suppose to be black decals and again I skipped this part ^__^

The exhaust pipe should be chrome but since it's to tiny (mould with the body) I just don't bother to put extra effort on it;

And that's about it, the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera Shewsbury Custom LOL...

I love the finished model of this car kit. For a beginners like me who doesn't like to do painting, I'm quite happy with the result coz I know with my clumsiness, I could do worse...

Overall, this is a very easy and fun car plastic model kits especially to those who just started with this hobby. I enjoy every moment spent working on this kit. Even for such a small scale model (1/43 = about 4 inches = about 10 cm) I spent quite a lot of time working on it. The price is quite cheap, the assembly procedure is quite easy. If you happen to have great skills in painting and detailing works, I believe you can create a more beautiful masterpiece than what I can achieved.

This is more fun than those Gundams LOL - I'm sure after this there will be some of those Gundam plamokits "maestro" who will not be pleased with such statement but you know what, to those who disagree or dislike what I said, I will just tell them to go fuck themselves LOL... In Shewsbury Land, we just love every single thing we have here, simple as that ^___^

And the next project is this 1/43 Ford GT

1/43 Ford GT1/43 Ford GT
Code: DYS00233

For this Ford GT, I plan to leave the color scheme as it is... I mean I will still do painting but I will not changed the color.

I'm still undecided weather to just leave the interior all in black as it is or should I do some customization. In fact this time around I hope to try and do some sort of detailing works on the dashboard area and all those meters and stuff but this obviously need a lot of thinking and planning and time... It can be pain on the penis to work on those tiny parts LOL ^__^

This project will take time as I also plan to assemble another Ford Shelby GT 500 Super Snake and I hope I can upload them soon... maybe within this month....



  1. Hehe what matters in the end is whether you had fun with the kit!! Thanks for the write up, gonna get this for my cousin's birthday haha... he loves lamborghinis!


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