1/43 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake from Doyusha

This is the review of 1/43 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake, a simple car plastic model kit produced by Doyusha, suitable specially for beginners though experience modeller may also try it for fun sake.

1/43 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake from Doyusha
Code: DYS00232

I don't know much about this Doyusha, I happen to found this kit from the local hobby and toys shop for a mere SGD 13.00 which is indeed a very good price.

The normal retail price as advertised by HLJ is 800 yen (about SGD 13.50 before adding shipment charges).

This car body comes in red color with lots of "plasticky" looks and feels on it. Thus you do need to do some painting to make it nicer though I personally believe that if you don't want to do any painting, you need to at least give it a decent amount of top coat - glossy or matte, its up to your preferences.

I didn't bother to take photo of the kits before assemble coz I just don't give a fuck about doing it and anyway I'm quite excited and can't wait to start working on it.

I hate to do painting work but sometimes, you just have to do it.

We choose some sort of metallic maroon color for this car... or should I say dark red... what ever..

Apart from painting works - depending how you want the color and the finishing shall be , you can eventually finish this kit within 2 hours and for some maybe a lot less than that.

We use the Tamiya airbrush for this kit and thus the outcome of the color (at least to my beginners level taste) is quite good.

Additionally, for fun sake, we also use some left over of Ferrari F1 car (model kit) decals on this car... it was time consuming but quite fun as well.

So after all those decals... I decided to named this car as;

"Shewsbury Ford Shelby Racing 2011 Demo Car"..... LOL, in other words you can also call this as "Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake Shewsbury Custom" ^__^

So after all my hard work, this is the final product;

While doing this review, I then noticed that I forgot to put red color on the brake light... LOL - eventually later, I managed to do it by just using those marker pen.

At 1/43 scale (that's roughly about 4 inches / around 10cm), there is no engine details what so ever which makes the job easier and I personally appreciate the simplicity of this kit. You do need to use those Tamiya cement and in my case, I also use super glue on certain parts ^__^

You can't open the door... no big deal... at this scale I prefer it that way in fact...

Apart from painting both of the front seat with red color, I don't do any other detailing works on this car.

A little close up look on those decals;

And oh... I paint the wheel as I think the default chrome color is kind of boring... LOL...

Good or not, beautiful or ugly, it's up to individual taste. For me personally, I'm quite happy that I managed to finished this project and see it thru to the end. I work so hard for this and I'm happy with it, that is the important thing.

As a matter of fact, I do have plan to buy another unit of this kit and build another one though this time I will follow the actual design and color as seen on the box picture. I spotted my weakness on this finished kit and thus I plan to improve further by doing the same kit again and try to do it better next time.

Overall, this is a very easy and fun kits especially to those who just begin to enter the car plamokit hobby. I enjoy every moment spent working on this kit. The price is quite cheap, the assembly procedure is quite easy. If you happen to have great skills in painting and detailing works, I believe you can create a more beautiful masterpiece than what I can achieved. Good luck with it.



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