1/32 Toyota MR2 from Kinsmart

This is just a regular 1/32 pull back action die cast toy car from Kinsmart, one of those toy manufacturer from China.

The price of this items varies from as low as SGD 9.00 to SGD 12.00 (USD 7.00 to USD 9.50 / 540 yen to 720 yen)

Toyota MR2 is one of those popular sports cars many years ago in the 80's and 90's when I was still a young boy ^__^ and in fact this car appear in "Initial D Third Stage The Movie" - if you are a fan of Initial D series, you should remember the AE86 vs SW20 battle with lot's of suspension hammering action and at they end a simple mistake with the help of falling leaf determined the winner.... what an anti climax ending after what it seems to be an exciting battle.

Last week we've seen the "mini momentum" and it seems that this week we will go "Toyota" all the way.... LOL

So for now, let's have look at his Toyota MR2 ;

Just like the Celica yesterday, I actually dislike those painting pattern, not sure if it's a water slide decals or is it sticker or did they hand-painted those... but I just don't fancy it. I would love it more if it's just in plain blue color. Just a personal taste though.

Nonetheless, the exterior details are quite good. I'm happy with it though I think I missed the exhaust pipe @__@

The doors can be opened, which is nice.... we can then see the interior further....

This is how it looks like down there;

And with just the normal screw driver we can see more on the interior of this car;

I did not do any touch up or "2 dollar project" on this car interior yet... I think at the moment I'm happy with it.

If I were to do any color scheme changes... maybe I will make the floor or the "carpet" as blue color and maybe a little bit of this and that on the dashboard.... but let's save that for another day.

Overall this is just regular "pull back action" die cast toy car with plastic and rubber materials on it. The exterior and interior details are quite good though with some creativity, maybe you can improvise further - if you really want it. It's pretty hard to get a cheap Toyota MR2 with right hand steering wheel at this scale nowadays, so I think this is certainly a great value for money - if you happen to like this car.



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