1/24 Mini Cooper from Maisto

This is a 1/24 scale Mini Cooper die cast car model produced by Maisto from their "Special Edition" series.

Maisto International Inc. is a popular toy brand of the May Cheong Group (which also now produces the "Bburago" brand name). Maisto manufactures die-cast models of automobiles, aircraft, and motorcycles. The company also manufactures a number of Tonka products, under license from Hasbro.

Maisto products are easily obtainable from most of the car toy shop or from those departmental store near you but you will not get it from my toilet surely LOL ^__^

The "1/24 Special Edition series" from Maisto is basically a mid-range level of their product offering. Although overall the car model looks great from the outside and mostly they have decent engine details, decent interior details and the doors (usually the front door only) can be opened, the overall quality and finishing are not as good as their high end "1/18 scale Premier Edition" and their "1/18 scale Special Edition" which is a step lower than the "Premier Edition" but still much better than this "1/24 Special Edition".

However, what the "1/24 scale Special Edition" lacked they compensate on the friendly price. This particular "1/24 Mini Cooper" for example are available for only SGD 21.00 (roughly about USD 16.70 / 1,300 yen).

I've mentioned many times lately that I love those Mini Cooper and all their cute variations. Since the price of this item is cheap I decided to grab it without 2nd thought when I saw it. However I also do understand that depending on my personal demand or satisfaction, I may or may not need to do some "touch up" on this car - oh well, something like the "2 dollar project" from below;


But for now... let's have a look at this Mini Cooper;

The box;

Out of the box;

Look at that black spot on the side mirror;

From the picture below. on the number plate there, look at the "N" - on top of it, the grill part, I can see some left over that need to be cleaned up. In fact they did not put the sticker perfectly straight.

This car comes with some engine details.... so, let's have a look;

Toinggggg!!!!!! The first thing that catch my attention is a big gap something like a whole in between the silver engine parts and the car body;

However, talking about the engine... I think they looks OK... I'm not really an expert about engine and I never saw the real Mini Cooper engine anyway. So for me, I think this is OK. I'm happy.

But that big hole there.... seriously... we do need to do some touch up on that.... and I need to do some thinking on this one.

There is no visible disk rotor on the wheel but I can live with that....

The black spot on the side mirror;

Thankfully we can easily remove it;

Another annoyance on the exterior.... this antenna... looks lousy

It's easy to fixed and make it stand straight as long as avoid touching it again after that. I think if we use super glue it will be permanently straight like those horny dick standing tall and pride ready to strike..... LOL

And oh... you can open the door.... gorgeous!!!

And we can see the interior details;

It's kind of difficult to peep thru the doors using camera...

So the best way to see the whole interior is to open them up;

And now we can see clearly and easily;

Those clutch, brake and acceleration pedals;

I think the interior detailing for this price point is quite good. Not perfect but I'm happy with it.

At the same time, I do found something annoying;

I guess these white spot can be covered by using black marker pen ^___^

And that's about it.....

Overall, this is a good die cast car model of Mini Cooper at 1/24 scale with a very good price. The retail price is SGD 21.00 (roughly about USD 16.70 / 1,300 yen) and sometimes during those sales promotion period on special holidays or festival, usually you can get 15% discount - that is yummy. If you want perfection, this is certainly not for you. I personally feel this is targeted more on those casual collectors or those who just like to buy cheap items.

As long as you can control your expectation level as well as your sexual desire and erection and ejaculation ability, I think most of the time you will be happy with what you pay on this item LOL....

So I guess the next step for me is to think about the "2 dollar project" on this particular model. I look forward to it ^__^



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