Half Boiled Egg

I did some research about cooking "half-boiled egg" using hot water and microwave recently and thanks to Google, I got my answer and do my own trial and error.

First you need a fully boiled hot water... thanks to our Panasonic water boiler, I can always have hot water when ever I want.... this is in our office actually....

Pour the hot water into a bowl, make it full or enough to cover the whole eggs - in this case, I put 2 eggs in there...

You also need microwave, in our office, we happen to have this a model from Sanyo (know they are Panasonic kitchenware division, or something like that) with 1,000 watt.

Put that bowl containing hot water and eggs into your microwave;

And now the most tricky part... choosing the best timing which will effect the end results. In this case, I choose 1 minute and 5 seconds (65 seconds) is enough because the our Sanyo microwave power is quite strong - 1,000 watts. The timing you need to choose is depending on your microwave power (Watts), if its slightly lower powered, then its possible that you need to go all the way up to almost 2 minutes, something like that.

At the end, on this part, there is no clear permanent fix answer. You need to experiment it using your microwave not all microwave have the same power.

And yeah, this is what I get 65 seconds later - I'm not sure what's your thought, but for me personally, I think I'm happy with the result considering that I can eat it in my office without the need of proper kitchen or cooking equipment and tools;

Eat it with instant noodles from Maggi and a cup of Milo (hot chocolate drink).... it will be an awesome breakfast in the office

Now I can always enjoy half boiled egg or even full boiled egg in my office if I want to.

By the way, it will take 2 minutes or somewhere over 2 minutes (on microwave) if you want the fully boiled eggs instead. The hot water and microwave "watts" rules still applies.

Interested? try them now..... ^___^



  1. I never thought you may use the microwave for "half" boiled eggs, gotta try it at home :)


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