There is this blog called SocialDeal, I'm not sure what they do but I think they basically do some socializing and make a deal out of it, no strings attached, it's just purely business, nothing personal.

One of our friend who happen to be a member of this scheme wanted us to do some sort of advertisement for them, so this is it;


According to their explanation this whole Social Deal thingy is something like this;

Leveraging on the concept of collective buying, SocialDeal Brunei is a whole new way for Bruneians to discover cool things to see, do & taste in the city and share the experience with others. All at unbelievable rates of discount ranging from 50-90% OFF!

The concept is pretty simple, we bring a hotel, spa, restaurant or cafe a guaranteed group of peeps (you, your friends, their friends and so on) and in return of the guaranteed exposure and walk-in new & old customers, they have to slash the usual price for SocialDeal peeps down more than 50% at least.

Of course we'll need your help with sharing the deals with your friends & family using tools we've prepared such as facebook share, twitter, facebook recommend, facebook send, and our referral invitation system. There is a minimum amount of buyers we promise the merchant, so we need to work together to break the minimum amount to unlock the deals! or else, no one gets them at all.

SocialDeal Brunei is all about trying out new things every week at irresistible discounts. We are pretty sure that there are tonnes of places you've always wanted to go to, or classes you've always wanted to join/attend, or even the mouth watering dishes from the pricey restaurants you've been craving for! We strive to make all these dreams of yours come true over and over again every week!


So if any of the explanation above is interesting to you or if you wish to know more, then by all means, don't waste your time, visit their website now;

and oh... they also have their blog highlighting some lucky person who are lucky to get lucky;

Good luck and all the best....



  1. I think it is good for people in that location.

  2. Basically same as Groupon. Groupon is the founder of "group buy" concept.


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