Coffee Machine

One of the most exciting gadget in our office that I love the most is this magnificent coffee/espresso/latte combo machines from Krups.

Krups is a German kitchen appliance manufacturer, named after its founder Robert Krups. The company also produces a large variety of household appliances. Krups competes with DeLonghi, Sunbeam-Oster, Braun, Salton, Bosch and Black & Decker.

Basically, this machine can help you to make coffee/espresso/latte automatically.

But even so, there are few things you still need to note;

- This machine only use those "beans" type of coffee (coffee bean) - in fact usually we bought them from that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

- There is a small sugar compartment (enough for 2 spoon only) but since we are in Asia and since we knew that there are plenty of naughty ants within our office buildings, we never even bother to use it.

- Last but not least, once a while, when the tank is empty, you still need to add the water and of course there are some simple cleaning and maintenance work need to be done as well.

As I mentioned earlier, this machine can help you to make coffee, espresso as well as cappuccino and cafe latte within 2 to 3 minutes with just a few press of a buttons here and there though caffe latte may required you to do a little bit of simple work like adding milk on your cup before the process started.

So far I only tried caffe latte and coffee only, I never tried the cappuccino and espresso yet. My favorite is apparently the latte.

It took me for about 30 minutes to really understand almost everything that a user should know on this machine, thankfully one of my staff is expert enough with this machine and she teach us everything she knows about this machine.

And oh by the way.... this machine is brought by my boss directly from Europe, I'm not sure if such machine are available in this region, maybe yes, maybe no. According to my boss, this coffee machine is designed by Italians coz they love to drink those coffee varieties....

Every morning and afternoon - and especially when I feel sleepy.... this machine will provide me with a good remedy....

This is a caffe latte...

If there is any reason for me to love coming to the office (apart from work reason) - it should be this magnificent machine..... LOL

How about you? Do your office also have some exciting kitchen stuff in the pantry? Things that is simple or normal but in fact quite useful for everybody - like those microwave for example, or maybe many other stuff...

Next time if you come to visit our office, I can always served you with a nice coffee - with a little bit of sperm on it maybe.... LOL



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