Waterfront BSB Opening Ceremony

In the last several months, the "Waterfront zone" in town was under "reconstruction works" and were closed to the public.

But recently, last Saturday (May 28, 2010) in fact, "The Waterfront of BSB" is finally ready and open for public.

They have this opening ceremony, members of the royal family and some other VIP guests as well as the public, locals, foreign workers and tourist alike, went to "The Waterfront" to witness this wonderful event.....

And it is no surprise really that the fireworks show is the main attraction that nite more than anything else....

Below are some photos from the event;

After the fireworks, they have this "floating lights" display on the river;

And finally at the end of the event, another fireworks show as a "goodbye and thanks" to all who have come to this wonderful event.....



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