Crocodile Farm Part 2 of 2

This is the continuation from Part 1, click the link below if you want to read the Part 1;

Crocodile Farm Part 1 of 2

Otherwise, you can proceed to scroll down further as you pleased;

At time like this, long zoom lens can be very useful. I don't have long zoom lens for my Canon 1000D or Panasonic G1, but I do have the old and reliable superzoom digicam, the Panasonic FZ28 with 18x zoom (27-486mm)

The high speed non-stop continuous shooting mode (at reduced image size of 2MP) in Panasonic FZ28 (also available in all Panasonic Lumix digicam models inside the "Scene Mode") is also helpful to capture the following scene;

Apparently there are lots of photos, about 40 to 60 (every movement is captured) for these sequences alone but I just selected a few of them which I think is enough to show the "eating action".....

And that's about it.... it was a hot day, but its well worth it... and for just SGD 1.00 - it's an excellent value for your money for memorable experience....

From what I gathered, not many locals knew about this crocodile farm as well... some of my staff were shocked to knew about it from me.



  1. wish you took video when he was eating ;) it must be badass ^^

  2. Aya, good idea, will do so in my next visit - will go there again soon with some other frens soon...


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