Cosmo Fleet Collection Mobile Suit Gundam Act. 5

This is the review of the "Cosmo Fleet Collection Mobile Suit Gundam Act. 5" produced by Mega House.

I'm so looking forward to this coz finally I can get all the fantastic four - the Archangel, Dominion, Minerva and Ptolemaios and this can and will be used as additional items for our long digirama project which is currently still under "work in progress".

Nonetheless, let's begin now...

The main big box;

There are 6 units of smaller boxes inside, each contained all the 6 listed ships on the main box.

The 360 degrees view of the small boxes - front, rear, top, bottom, left right;

The first box that I opened, I get this Dominion and (the almost) Forbidden Gundam;

Basically this is how they look like out of the box;

There is also 1 piece of paper serving as "manual" but this is so easy and you don't really need it, I don't even bother to take it out from the box;

This is the Dominion, the twin sister of Archangel;

And this is the (almost) Forbiden Gundam;

This mini Gundam is so tiny, just about 1 inch tall and thus it is understandable that it's kind of ugly and must be a nightmare to painted it accordingly. Perfection is truly our of the window.

And now the Dominion and the Forbidden ready for display;

From the 2nd box, I got this Minerva and (almost) Destiny Gundam;

The Minerva;

The mini Destiny Gundam;

And now the Minerva and the Destiny Gundam ready for display;

From the 3rd box, the Archangel and you know who (Aile Strike Gundam):

The Archangel;

And the "magnificent" but rather "annoying to look" at this scale - Aile Strike Gundam;

And now the Archangel and the Aile Strike Gundam ready for display;

From the 4th box, the Ptolemaios and Gundam Exia;

The Ptolemaios;

The Gundam Exia;

And this is now both of the Ptolemaios and Exia ready for display;

From the 5th and the 6th box are this 2 ships from Gundam Wing and Turn A Gundam;

I'm not interested at all with these 2 ugly ships.... so I just put it aside, maybe throw it away or give it to anybody who want it and thus I don't even bother to take it out from the plastic packaging;

Seriously, if any of you wanted these 2 items and only if you live nearby Shewsbury Land and willing to come to town and collect it yourself, you can just let me know from the comment section below, I can give this to you FOC. Otherwise I will just throw it away or give it to my staff maybe.

Overall, I personally feel that this is one of the best "Cosmo Fleet Collection Mobile Suit Gundam" combination from Mega House as I get all the ships that I wanted so much. They are not perfect by all means but as a display items or desktop decoration, I think it's quite good enough.

If you want perfection, then maybe you can spend more money and more time with the GunPlaMo kit version of all these ships. Bandai have that "EX" plamokit series in which you need to do painting and other detailing works to achieve the desired result. The price range is about SGD 62.00 before adding shipment charges.

If you can accept compromise, you can have all these ships for just 4,680 yen (about SGD 72.00 before adding shipment charges).

Cosmo Fleet Collection Mobile Suit Gundam Act. 5



  1. I would pass on the ships and make a piecing bee-line on the Ptolemaios and Dominion's captains. ;)

    But from afar, the ships looks "acceptable". XD

  2. archangel and Strike Nice :)

    ah Minerva at least it's with Destiny not Impulse hahahaha ^^

  3. The tiny MS does adds some novelty. I can understand why the last 2 were outcasted.

  4. Hi David, saw your post! Can I get the Gundam Wing and the ship? It's vintage. I can collect it... =)

    do email if you still have it!!! ^_^

    - Hansen



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