Ultra-Act Ultraman Mebius

This is the review of Ultra-Act Ultraman Mebius produced by "the big brother" Bandai. This "Ultra-Act series" is a new collectible action figure line up from Bandai Collectors Division (or rather Tamashii Nation) which is in a way an evolution of the popular "S.H. Figuarts series" dedicated to the popular "Ultraman series".

The original Ultraman TV series produced by Tokyo Broadcasting System and Tsuburaya Productions have been around long enough, since 1966 that is and in 2006, this Ultraman Mebius appear on TV and made lots of reference to the previous classic series.

The series is set 40 years after the shows of Ultraman (Urutoraman, 1966), and makes many references from Ultra Q (Urutora Q from 1966) through to Ultraman 80 (Urutoraman Eitei from 1980).

I remember watching the classic Ultraman 80 when I was still a little kids many many years ago. In fact I think that is the only Ultraman series that I have watched so far. Over the years when I grew up, I still can see Ultraman images here and there, on school bags, T-shirts, school stationery and many others.

1 thing that I remember about Ultraman is that they have this some sort of LED thingy or a light bulb (as I refer them those days) on their chest, blue color, slowly while he busy fighting the monster it will become red and that is when finally the Ultraman guy become more efficient and destroy the monster with his final attack what ever it is.

At that point of time, I made my conclusion, as a young boy, that is - Ultraman is a stupid super hero coz he always wanted to wait till the lights turn red before he get his sense of urgency to finished the battle.

Then again, I was just a little kid back then.... many years later when I grew old I then realized that this is all basically a typical basic "formula" for super heroes TV series and after all, it's the director who called the shot.

Eventually, since then, I never watched any of the Ultraman TV series anymore... don't know why, but I just feel that I'm not interested to watch it.... but hopefully, someday, I will....

What ever....

OK then, let's proceed with the review;

The normal retail price of this figure is 3,400 yen (about SGD 52.00 / USD 41.00) before adding shipment charges. Coome to think of it, not really far from those "S.H. Figuarts" and you might say that it's quite pricey as well....

The box...

Out of the box;

Apart from the piece of paper containing product information which also served as "user guide", you will get all these stuff;

The figure;

Mebius Shoot effect part, extra hands, interchangeable Mebius Blade arm part and Lightning Counter effect part and of coz last but not least that chest part in red color.

Let's have a look at the Mebius;

This interchangeable Mebius Blade arm part loves to fall down and I end up have to use the White Glue to make it steady.

A little close up look at the figure;

One interesting thing about this Mebius is that he have such a thin ass - almost flat in fact;

If you compare Mebius ass with this S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Faiz ass, you can clearly see the different;

Obviously Faiz have a more fleshy ass than Mebius....

But then again, this review is not just about the ass.... LOL

We move on to size comparison with a figure from S.H. Figuarts and Figma;

Maybe we can throw those Robot Tamashii O Gundam and 1/144 GFFN Strike Gundam

Articulation wise, this figure is brilliant, we don't have much complain about it apart from the joint system on the shoulder but that is not a deal breaker. This usual kneeling pose is never a problem;

Interestingly this "Ultra-Act" figures seems to applies the hip joint system like those you can see in the "S.H. Figuarts" and thus he have problem to do the following full stretch split, something the tiny Luke Skywalker figure from Hasbro can do without a problem;

The effects parts are quite awesome;

First we will focus on the chest part - you can change the color from blue to red;

Next is this left hand punch effect parts - awesome;

And now the interchangeable Mebius Blade arm part;

Let's see this "Mebius Blade" in action;

And lastly this thing, what ever they call it;

I think all of them are awesome and in fact those extra effect parts is the factor that made me choosing this Mebius.

And a little bit of "welcome party" for the newcomer....

And 2 hours later.... I guess this what they call TRAUMA... LOL

Overall, this is a big action figure for Ultraman Mebius from the popular long running Ultraman TV series and since the emergence of "Ultra-Act" action figure series from Bandai, I think many Ultraman fans, young and old can now rejoice as finally they have another chance to collect their favorite heroes action figures at average "collectors level kind of price" - would be a better deal if you can get it at a discounted price during special sales or clearance promotion from your favorite local or online retailers.

As at the day of this review, you can still grab this item with a massive 55% discount at Hobby Link Japan;

Ultra-Act Ultraman Mebius
Code: BAN964801 Series: Ultraman Mebius

I guess after you bought any of those Ultraman action figures from "Ultra-Act" series, don't forget to also buy the monsters..... without those bastards, there will be no heroes.... LOL



  1. That's a fine Ultraman. This make me want to get it but I am running out of space.

  2. Lol got to love that line buy the monsters haha...

    Tramatized ultraman ain't that useful already...

  3. 55% off looks so tempting ^^ hahahaha he get bullied by those riders

  4. The last sentence is priceless!


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