Sci-Fi Revoltech Jack Sparrow

It's been quite a while since we last have the review of product(s) from Revoltech/Kaiyodo though eventually they have release quite a number of figures in the past few months, I don't really fancy any of them. Maybe it is something that is nice to see but I don't really have the desire to owned it.

Revoltech/Kaiyodo have produced plenty of action figures in the last few years and with the fierce competition from other company/product like Figma from Max Factory and not to mentioned those S.H. Figuarts and Robot Tamashii action figures from big brother Bandai, Revoltech/Kaiyodo fully understand that they have to reorganized and implement some additional innovation if they were to remain competitive in this tough segment of the hobby and toys industries - namely and specifically the "collectibles action figures" segment.

With technologies keep on improving on monthly basis (if not weekly or daily) and the number of toys collectors and hobbyist keep on growing steadily thanks to the efficient information availability through internet worldwide (or rather almost), Revoltech/Kaiyodo fully understand that they have to be stronger to face the brutality in the business battle field.

With their very own invention of "Revoltech joint system", Revoltech/Kaiyodo have won many friends in the past with their mecha figures and those action figures from Street Fighters series and then they move on further to various type of other action figures from various anime or game series and that is till recently they then move on a step further from the typical "Japanese anime/game" world and instead trying the new wonderful world of those "American stuff" or "non-Japanese stuff".

Since their main direct competitors - Max Factory and Bandai (who made action figures at around the same scale and within about the same price range barrier) haven't really explore that trend specifically, Revoltech/Kaiyodo knew that this will be a great opportunity and gamble for them to boost their income and popularity. From reading some information here and there from several resources, I can see that Revoltech/Kaiyodo seems to be doing pretty well with their "Sci-Fi Revoltech" line up.

As we enter into this new wonderful world of "Sci-Fi Revoltech" from Revoltech/Kaiyodo, there is no better way than to start with the No. 25 Jack Sparrow.

Captain Jack Sparrow or Jaswinder Singh as he is also known in Shewsbury Land is one of the main character from the popular multi-billion dollar movie franchise "Pirates of the Caribbean" .

Captain Jack Sparrow is an eccentric pirate noted for a slightly drunken swagger, accompanied by slurred speech and awkwardly flailing hand gestures. He has gained a reputation with made-up stories of how he escaped from the deserted island he was put on. He is determined to regain the Black Pearl, which he captained ten years before.

This is now the review of Sci-Fi Revoltech Jack Sparrow (or The Pirate Johnny Depp as I love to call it LOL)....

The box;

I seriously love the way the way they designed this "Sci-Fi Revoltech" box. I think it's really really astonishing and I love every bit of it. It reminds me of those boxes for those expensive 1/6 scale figures from Hot Toys.

Revoltech/Kaiyodo love to give this piece of paper acting as an additional product information and brochure for other product offerings from Revoltech/Kaiyodo. Most of the times we tend to ignore this paper though but this time around we will give it a close look and highlight about it further in this review;

The information are basically almost mostly in Japanese so I don't understand a single thing they wrote there. Nonetheless, on this picture below, I think they are highlighting some comments and praise about products from Revoltech/Kaiyodo from some fuckers.... I mean collectors or fans or some experts or professional from what ever other fields maybe....

They also include some information about WonFes 2011 but I don't know what is it about...

And the list of figures produced previously under the "Sci-Fi Revoltech" banner;

Out of the box;

You will get all these stuff;

The figure;

The plastic box for you to put the Revoltech coin and other accessories, the sword, pistol, an extra hand, a removable hat, a very nice sinking ship motif base with skull and crossbones flag and a nameplate.... awesome!!!!

First and foremost and as always, let's have a look at the figure;

The sculpt of the face, I personally feel that it is brilliant, absolutely brilliant, I don't know if you can get better than this at similar price point of 3,429 yen (about SGD 52.00 / USD 41.00).

And the details on the body.... is superbly wonderful.... have a look at the photo below;

If any of you start bitching and comparing this figure with the expensive Hot Toys figures, bear in mind about the price of this item and shut the fuck up and go fuck yourself... coz you are at the wrong end....

Now let's move on to articulation.....

Articulation wise, I would say not as great as the details. The head can turn left and right and see up and down, no problem with that, the arms are quite good as well, they can cover most of the general movement range but on the knee however is where this figure is weakest the most...

The usual kneeling action is no longer possible as we highlight it in the pictures below;

As you can see from the picture below, at this stage, the knee joint is almost pop out from the knee and eventually if you push further, the joint will came out and detached the lower leg part.

Let's move on to the hat - it's simple but more importantly it fits the head pretty nice;

The weapons, first this sword;

You can put it there on his left side;

And you can do some action pose like this;

The next weapon is this pistol;

This nice sinking ship motif base with skull and crossbones flag is probably one of the main reason for me to love this figure apart from Johnny Depp.

For this price range, I think the detailing of sinking ship motif base with skull and crossbones flag is pretty adorable.

I personally think that this is the first of its kind and it is absolutely fantastic!!!!

You can later "attached" Captain Jack on that stand, something like this;

And last but not least, to make the deal feel even more sweeter or as an icing on the cake they said... Revoltech/Kaiyodo also provide this name plate... now not many other company provide this simple plate on their action figures, not Bandai not Max Factory (at least not yet for now), but at least Revoltech/Kaiyodo did it....

Overall, this is a wonderful collectibles action figure offering hyper-realistic details at reasonable price rendering one of the most famous pirates in the world. Though the articulation is not as great as the detailing, but I think on this particular figure, I can forgive it and it's never a deal breaker.

There several nice and fun collectible action figure for Jack Sparrow as at now;

If you have decent budget, you can choose this Sci-Fi Revoltech Jack Sparrow at normal retail price of 3,429 yen (about SGD 52.00 / USD 41.00) before adding shipment charges.


Or if you are on a lower budget or maybe you want something small and gorgeous, you can pick this Cosbaby Jack Sparrow Casual Ver. (Size S) at normal retail price of 1,200 yen (about SGD 18.00 / USD 14.00) before adding shipment charges.


And if you are rich or feeling rich or if you have extra money or you don't have any other better thing to buy with your hard earn cash, you can or should consider the magnificent 1/6 Deluxe On Stranger Tides: Jack Sparrow from Hot Toys at normal retail price of 27,619 yen (about SGD 417.00 / USD 331.00) before adding shipment charges.


The choice is yours to make...... as for us in Shewsbury Land, we are very happy with this Revoltech version.



  1. i give it a 7/10 interms of detail accuracy. nice to have one for collection. any diorama for it?

  2. He is so awesome, tho his near perfect likeness to Johnny kind of creeps me out, to reminiscent of wax statues to me (which give me heebee geebees)

  3. Cool a bit too pricy tho :( , wish kaiyodo include another face of him, the funny one ^^

  4. Given the details and the awesome base, I think the price is justified. Just wish they included some grinning facial expression though haha.

  5. Hi! I got this revoltech and I need ask you something.
    Look this photo:
    The left leg is normal? I think that is damaged. D:


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