Kon Lo Mee

Usually if the weather is OK in the morning time of the weekends and if I happen feel bored at home, I will go to the park to do the usual "Macro in the park" photography.

And usually, after the photography session, I love to get some "brunch" and one of my old time favorite is this Kon Lo Mee or Kon Lo Men in Chinese (some call it as Kon Loh Mee, Kon Low Mee or anything a like) and in certain area, they instead use the name "dry noodles" in their own language.

Nonetheless, this Kon Lo Mee or Kon Lo Noodles is actually a typical simple Chinese dish consisting of noodles, BBQ pork (but in accordance to variances and preferences, this can be changed to roasted pork, beef, chicken, fish cake or what ever) and I think that's it...

Eat it with a glass of Milo..... mmm.... a wonderful breakfast....



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