Figma Kamen Rider Strike

This is the review of Figma Kamen Rider Strike or also known as Ouja while his real name in Shewsbury Land is actually Nageshwar Chaudry. In certain part of the world people also call him as Vikram Lal or Victor Lau - that is all depending on which region you live in or which name you prefer, for sure, this guy is a snake.... LOL...

If you watch the original Japanese Kamen Rider Ryuki (or the American adaptation - Masked Rider Dragon Knight), you will surely know this mother fucker. He is the villain and he is no pussy. He is indeed quite brutal and stronger than Popeye the Sailor Man who depends a lot on weeds before he can triple his erection and strength.

The price for this item (from HLJ) is 2,857 yen (about SGD 43 / USD 33 - before adding shipment charges).

Figma Kamen Rider Strike (

The box;

Out of the box;

You will get all these stuff;

The figure;

The 2 weapon, Sword Vent and the Cobra Scepter and also that tiny card....

The standard Figma stand, optional hands and of course the standard Figma plastic bag...

Let's have a close look at the figure;

The painting and the detailing are excellent.

This chest armor is kind of a little too big.... not so much, but I think still kind of "over-sized"

That chest armor caused some problems on the arm/shoulder articulation, in a way it limited the free movement of the arm/shoulder...

Apart from that, they only other problem which we highlighted since the review of Figma Ryuki is the pants design issue near the pelvis joint..... the same issue applies to all Kamen Riders produced by Figma/Max Factory.

Nonetheless, not many realized or give a fuck about it anyway... so fuck with it, why should we give a fuck as well. Despite the issues, the design still works and that is the opinion of the designers.... so let's move on...

Articulation is excellent and matched the usual Figma standard. This usual kneeling pose is never a problem;

And you can do plenty of action pose that you can think off....

The card with cobra head logo on it.... no relation with those Cobra from G.I. Joe though....

They also includes a hand to specifically holding the card;

The Sword Vent.... brilliant gold color, in the old days, this would be nice to spank those naughty school children who committed serious misconduct like masturbating during class time....

During my school days, even at the age of 16 and 17, our teachers will spanked us if we don't behave or forget to do our homework or failed our exam. For serious misconduct, they will even give us a slap on the face.

Nonetheless for us back then, no offense and none taken, we fully understand that the teacher try to make us to be a better person.... if we don't do wrong, then there is no punishment anyway, simple as that... some of the kids and parents nowadays are so crap that even a tiny pinch from the teachers they will start thinking about taking the matter to court.... which is why many of the kids nowadays are kind of spoiled.... it's never easy to be a teacher you know... people expect them to do make the kids become genius but no body ever understand how difficult the task is and instead they always blame the teachers. Though we also aware that not all teachers are perfect, but overall, being teachers is never an easy tasks. It is much easier to just talk bad and complain about them.

This Sword Vent is made by "Kumar & Parvesh Factory" in China Town of Shewsbury Land.

The Cobra Scepter made by "Wong Brothers, China Town Branch".

The detailing is quite decent.... nothing great but nothing bad either....

Final Vent.... Rajkapoor Snake Attack;

There is an old saying that goes like this; "Snakes can't be a dragon and can't ever beat a dragon" - in other word, don't try to be too ambitious... sometimes we have to learn to cope with our surroundings and make the best out of it and leave the rest to Hollywood movie....

Overall, this is a good action figure adaptation of Kamen Rider with Figma elements all over it produced by Max Factory. With the reasonable price, I'm sure that many fans of Kamen Rider Ryuki series who missed the previous action figures/toys produced by Bandai many years ago can now have the second chance to start collecting again. For it's price, I think this figure worth every dollar you spent on it - especially if you are a big fan of the series and character.

Furthermore according to Gunasekaran Muthusamy Thambiraj, Bandai will soon start rolling out the S.H. Figuarts offering for the Kamen Rider Ryuki series and we can expect a "big bang" from Bandai counter attack to Max Factory popular products.

Time will tell what Bandai can offer to make us say that their S.H. Figuarts adaptations are better than the Max Factory products though from what I knew now, the Ryuki will come with a nice long dragon - maybe a bigger version from the one that were produced by Bandai in their "R&M series" many years ago.

We look forward to it.... if it's Ryuki, usually we will get it.... ^_^



  1. Cool =), where did you get those tiny snake ?

  2. This Ouja is really well done. I also can't wait for the SHF Ryuki! Hopefully a SHF Ouja will be out too...

  3. The pelvis area looks okay from the front actually. Plus its all painted black so looks quite well hidden :P


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