Star Wars Saga Legends SL-14 R2-D2

This is the review of R2-D2 from the popular George Lucas film dynasty - Star Wars. This toys is produced by Hasbro under their "Star Wars Saga Legends" action figures/toys series.

This R2-D2 is very special and in fact, personally for me, this is the first time I saw an R2-D2 on the Kenner/Hasbro "standard 3.75 inches action figure level" (or you can also call them "entry level") that comes with lights and sounds gimmick.

I'm not sure if previously such models ever exist, maybe yes maybe no, but this is the first time I saw/found it. I knew for sure that for other categories/level - especially on the high end level, Hasbro did produce those that offers similar gimmick (and maybe a little bit more) and I also saw there is 1 unit in here that comes with remote control with the range of 3 feet. That one cost SGD 62.00 (about USD 49.00 /4,000 yen).

This one however, cost only SGD 22.00 (about USD 17.50 / 1,410 yen) plus I get some 15% discount, which mean the nett price is only SGD 18.70 (about USD 14.80 / 1,200 yen)

I've been hunting for this R2-D2 for a long time now, about 4 years like that but there are times when I forgot about it and there are times when I did found/saw it - and I say to my self, OK I will comeback later to grab it and then the the thing is gone and then I forgot again, on and off just like that.

But since I am now doing a big "all-star" digirama project, I desperately need this R2-D2 to be one of the main character.

This latest digirama project will take time and probably will be release thru Shewsbury Land in several parts due to the very long nature of the complicated story. In a way, it's like a parody of Star Wars movie with lot's of advertisement parody included together and some other usual hentai and sex stuff.

I personally feel that this project is kind of "ambitious project" for me but I am determined to make it happen anyway this year, it's now or never, that's what Elvis Presley said.

The current temporary name of this project is "Shewsbury Wars" though we also consider other names such as "Battle of The Roses" and "Shewsburians Wars" amongst others.

And from now onwards as well, this R2-D2 will make appearance in our future short digirama.

Nonetheless, back to the review, the R2-D2 and all the extra stuff out of the box;

You will get the R2-D2, some weapons like rifles etc. in wrapped in by plastic, display base with "Star Wars" printed on it, some sort of dice, a card and a manual on how to change the battery.

Let's have a look at R2;

The details is not great but for the price level I think I am happy with it... Can't expect a "Mercedes Benz" at the price of "Toyota Vios" right?

The battery compartment at the back;

This R2 is a power hungry devices and thus it required 3 units of "LR44" coin type battery.

No articulation on the head part, the only minor articulation is on the arm part (which can be considered as the leg as well) and the 3rd leg part for you to adjust the posture accordingly. Due to the nature of this droid, I think not much to be desired about articulation anyway - we never see R2 doing any of those "Kamen Rider flying kick" or "Buddha's Palm" kung fu technique punch or even "Amakakeryu Ryu No Hirameki" stance anyway. R2 is just plain and simple, moving around here and there helping the heroes of Star Wars on many occasions and obviously this droid is one of the most popular droid in the world. More popular than Gundam or Grendizer in fact.

And now, finally, the gimmick.... lights and sounds of R2-D2 just like the one we saw in the movie. You need to push the "belly button" there.... LOL

Alternately, you can see the 40 seconds length video below;

Quite fun right?

I think it is so fun and thus I end up bought 3 units of the same item;

Yeah... I just love it so much!!!!!

These 3 units, 1 of them will live in our office, 1 at home and 1 inside the car (as traveling companion) and I guess you will see lot's of R2 outdoor photos in the near future as R2 will be our official traveling companion alongside Figma Tsukasa.

I remember that not so long ago, I think 2 years ago, I did saw a 3-CPO that offer similar lights gimmick (but no sound) on his chest when u press a button and then again... I missed that one... really regret it now... If I see similar item (which probably offer more gimmicks) I will not wait further and grab it right on the spot.

Overall, for a "basic entry level" collectible toys/figures items from Hasbro, I think this item offer great value for your money and a must grab if you like a portable droids with sounds and lights that you can easily bring anywhere on your pocket. You might wanna be careful not to let some young kids borrow this from you as they will surely like it and robbed it from you using their crying face as their weapon. Unless if you are a typical stingy heartless and cold blooded collectors like me, I don't think you can handle the pressure.

My 4 years wait for R2-D2 finally over and I'm so happy that I get this one with some nice lights and sound gimmick on it, I seriously really love it.... love it so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Credits to Leon from Open The Toy for his blog article that reminds me about this R2-D2 and also credits to Jojosochi Wong The Merciful for telling me about the shop in which I eventually went to and found/bought it there.

I can see lot's of improvement on the Star Wars collectibles toys and figures item produced by Hasbro recently, partly also due to the improved technology and cheap production cost in China and I hope that in the near future, Hasbro can come up with a more wonderful innovation on their offerings for Star Wars collectors and fans alike and hopefully that will be available to the mass produce products that available at a decent "entry level" price - just like this R2-D2 that we reviewed here today.

Well done George Lucas for his successful Star Wars dynasty and well done to Hasbro for improving their product accordingly. I remember those days (during the Kenner era) there is no articulation of the elbow and knee part of all the 3.75 inches Star Wars action figures but now things have changed for the better.

I remember watching a comedy show many years ago, I can't remember if it's the "Jay Leno Show" or the "David Letterman Show" - and there is this jokes about Star Wars fans and it goes something like this;

"The working adults who still live with their parents = those Star Wars collectors/fans....."

I laughed at that time as I can understand that usually in the USA, people tend not to live with their parents once they entered "adulthood" - people love to have their own house, their own life, their own privacy and so on.... Though in many parts of Asia, it is not necessarily like that as it is normal in Asia that people will still live under the same roof with their parents even when they already have kids.

Probably one of the simple reason is that this symbolized "a happy and harmony big family" though they are also many normal cases where the youngsters just can't afford to get their own house for what ever financial, economical and logistical reason.



  1. have sounds and Light effect wow nice =) but RD-D2,C3PO and that F*cking jar2 still annoy me in Star Wars Universe >_<;

    hmm "a happy and harmony big family" hmm hard to answer I am a loner after all ^^;;

  2. Congrats bro. This is the same R2D2 that I have but mine was in different packaging during episode 2. Hasbro never change the toy but only change packaging. This R2 cant turn its head tho.


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