Kuala Belait

Went to Kuala Belait town recently to see the beautiful scenery around the town.

Kuala Belait town is the 2nd largest town in Brunei after Bandar Seri Begawan (the capital)

And oh... they even have that "The Body Shop" here.... don't play play....

Kuala Belait is located at the western part of Brunei and not far from it is the border between Brunei and Malaysia (Malaysian's State of Sarawak to be more precise). On the north side of the town center is the South China Sea.

Kuala Belait is in the Belait district (1 of the 4 main districts in Brunei, namely; Brunei Muara, Tutong, Belait and Temburong).

The district is further subdivided into 8 Mukims (English: sub-districts). These are often named after the most important town or village contained within. These are:

- Bukit Sawat
- Kuala Balai
- Kuala Belait
- Labi
- Liang
- Melilas
- Seria
- Sukang

Each Mukim is composed of a number of villages.

The Belait district is administered from the town of Kuala Belait, its capital. Belait is governed by an appointed District Officer.

Other major town includes include Seria town and Sungai Liang.

On normal driving speed and depending on the traffic condition, it will take about about 1.5 hours drive from the capital (Bandar Seri Begawan - BSB) to Kuala Belait (KB).

Driving with a maximum top speed of 180 km/h, we managed to arrived safely in just exactly 1 hour.

The distance of KB from BSB is about 120 km.

The moment we arrived, first thing to do is to eat.... and apparently we went to KFC. The KFC outlet here was closed for a long time after some fire incidents a few years ago and only recently it started to operating again.

Hot and Spicy Snack Plate - lovely!!!!!

The drink is of course Pepsi and thus cannot be featured here as Coca Cola is our official favorite drink...

And right after lunch, we started to walk around doing the usual photography stuff here and there...

Clock tower on the round about - lovely - just like the one in BSB me think....

Unfortunately, the clock is dead... I wonder why the folks in here didn't do anything or at least complain to the local authority urging them to repair that clock tower. If I were to live in this area, I will surely complain about it.... this is a nice landmark and probably it has some nice historical value to it.....

The actual time is around 2.30pm at this point...

This building seems to be new.... oh well, it is new and I fall in love with it.... I think it's quite beautiful.... make me wish that if I'm rich, I want to have a house like this - neat and simple and yet elegant.... LOL

A little bit more photos from this riverside;

You can go to this area and enjoy the scenery watching big boat or small ship....

There is playground for kids as well here....

They have some nice landmarks here in KB and I personally love it so much. This mighty tower marked the 50th birthday of our beloved king - Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah.

The name of this tower is "Menara Cendera Kenangan" - something like "memorial tower" in English.

You can see number "50" all over the place.....

And this another popular landmark in KB, on this round about... I'm not really sure what is the name but I just called it "tea pot" or something like that.

I personally feel that this is awesome....

There are other popular tourist attractions around Kuala Belait town namely; Silver Jubilee Park and Excapade Sushi Restaurant (LOL) but I don't know where to find them - in fact I also wanted to visit Seria (the so called oil town) but I don't even know how to go there....sigh



  1. all pictures taken by G1 ? =)

  2. Aya, yes but downsized to 1074x768px and thus the reduced in quality as well....

  3. Wow the KFC on your end still served with plate which is good. Over here all paper and plastic.

  4. seria is easy to go to just see the lable seria n u r there already lol. seria is also famous for it kolo mee there.


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