Kigurumi DX Ho-Kago Tea Time Set

This is the review of "Kigurumi DX Ho-Kago Tea Time Set" or also known as "K-On! Animal Costume DX Ho-kago Tea Time Set" produced by the magnificent Wave Corporation - one of the most respected brand/company by Shewsbury Land.

One thing with Wave Corporation is that they always produced premium items with premium price as well but their product quality are absolutely top notch and thus many people who bought original products from Wave corporation knew exactly what to expect from them despite their shiny price tag.

I personally don't have much items from Wave, this K-On DX set is only the 3rd Wave products I bought so far and most of them are not cheap but I am more than happy to pay the price.

The most expensive action figure in Shewsbury Land's collection are from Wave;

1) 1/10 Ex Machina Briareos Hechatonchires (Initial Production) - SGD 190.00

2) 1/10 Ex Machina Deunan Knute (Initial Production) - SGD 130.00

Probably for those of used to collect Hot Toys or Medicom action figures, that amount is just peanuts, but for a small time collectors like me, that is really quite pricey already but then again the quality that I get, I'm truly happy with it.

The same goes for this K-On figures, I expected that the quality to be excellent.

Let's get on with the review;

By the way this item just arrived from the post office today, so we do the review in our office instead of in the usual white light box.

The box;

The usual Wave Corporation logo and authentic merchandise sticker/label;

The name of the product - "Kigurumi DX Ho-Kago Tea Time Set"

Rear view of the box;

Outside the box, you will get all these stuff - 5 figures with 5 human heads and 5 animals head/mask, the club flyers, extra hairstyle for Tsumugi and Mio and last but not least, clear display base;

We start with the piggy Azusa;

That's the flyer, I don't have the Macro lens with me now so I can't do bigger magnification;

And now, "henshin" time or rather "transform";

Azusa in super gorgeous pinky pig mode....

Next is Tsumugi the cat;

By the way, all these figures have minimum articulation on the neck, some of them on the shoulder and arms as well as on the elbow but don't expect anything great like Figma level. If you understand about the minimum articulation of those Nendoroid Petit, then I guess you are not far behind on these figures....

Lucky cat mode... meow meow....

Followed by the chicken Yui;

She can holds 2 flyers;

Chicken mode....

Next is Ritsu the dog....

Doggie mode....

Last but not least, Mio the donkey....

And now the donkey mode;

With the exception of Azusa the pig, the overall quality, the finishing touch, the sculpt and the painting are all brilliant. Hard for me to find any faults this time around, however I personally think that the face of Ritsu and Mio is not as perfect as the other 3 (Azusa, Yui and Tsumugi). Though its only a marginal tiny little point here and there but I do feel that the face for both Ritsu and Mio lack the greatness I would hope for. Then again, this is my personal opinion, probably for the rest of you, their faces are indeed perfect.

About Azusa "pig costumes" - I think the pink color is a little less saturated as I would hope it should be and on the pig head/mask especially, it's kind a little dull - the color looks almost pale, not sure why is this, probably it's just my eyes or my high expectation.

That's about it the... not much too highlights about this figure as they are in fact just a simple figure with extra animal head....

If you have these figures, you can then choose to display them like this;

Or like this;

Or you can pick any other type of variation and/or combination that you like, for today, I would want it this way;

Some advise about the flyers they're holding, it can be a little loose and with excessive force or shakes or vibration they can fall down easily sometimes - and there is a risk that you could loose them. Since the articulation is not that great and since you probably will just display these figures holding the flyers, I think it's not really a bad idea to just fix them using white glue (or super glue maybe). The choice is yours....

Again, at 5,800 yen (about SGD 91.00 before shipment), this figure is quite pricey but I think I like it more than those Nendoroid Petit because I don't fancy that cute "baby face" to start with and they both have the same level of poor or no articulation anyway.

Nonetheless, that is just my personal preferences... I knew that many of you out there love Nendoroid, nothing wrong with it, enjoy your hobby the way you like it but don't forget to have sex once a while...

Slowly I get bored with this Gundam, toys and figures hobby stuff. There is still some interest but it's slowly faded and I feel that I almost lost that great joy and feeling when ever you get a new toys. It is something like when a man slowly get bored with his aging wife and started to looks for some pleasures elsewhere with another women - especially young women... LOL

Hard to explain such feeling but I'm someone who will put in every effort into the things I like or love the most but I will also get bored with it easily.

Oh well, come what may, we'll see what the future brings us....



  1. my space always have a space for your collections... hehehe

  2. How tall are these ? Seeing those pictures with Puchi Lucky Star X Street Fighter they don't looks very tall

    I also slowly start to get bored with these things,I know what you feel and hahahahaha maybe you will enjoy live like that Italian's current prime miniter XD

  3. Aya, yeah, Bill Clinton is my sensei so yes I would love it to live like that Silvio Berlusconi (current Italian PM) - he is rich and have lots of sex scandal here and there - what a beautiful life that is... LOL

  4. About the size, this K-On figures from Wave is 8.5cm (about 3.5 inches) while those "Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star figures" is at 6.5cm (just over 2.5 inches)....

  5. Those are really adorable K-ON! figures in their animal costumes. Well, I must say they are rather pricey. I believed my only Wave product is the Macross SDF-1. I think the company does produced some good Patlabor toys like the Helldriver.

  6. Dennis, yes products from Wave are pricey but I guess once a while it's OK to get 1 or 2 from them. So far I'm still happy with Wave (though I don't have many actually from them)


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