Help Japan

As you can see from the above Yahoo! screen shot, the recent earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan become one of the major highlight and Yahoo! also provide a link for people like you and me to make a donation (on top left corner) and the statistic report of how much have been collected right now (on top right corner) - see the photo below for further information;

We in Shewsbury Land feel sorry for all the victims involved in this recent disaster and also to all Japanese and all foreigners living in Japan, some of them are our own personal and business friends.

If you interested to help the relief efforts to all the victims who may have lost their family, friends, homes and livelihood, you can do so easily and directly thru the Yahoo! website by clicking the link "Help Japan"

Once you click that link, you will be forwarded to the page below;

You can then choose thru which organizations you wished to donate, in the example (and actual donation) below, we choose ShelterBox.

You can visit ShelterBox website or you can read about them thru Wikipedia.


You fill in the amount of money you wish to donate and complete some optional information below it and once done, click that "Add To Giving Cart";

You will then see this screen, double check, once done, click "Proceed To Checkout";

You will see this screen and unless if you have made donation thru "Network for Good" before, you will usually need to fill in the details under the "New Customer Login" - enter your e-mail address and your password - this is for a compulsory new account creation in "Network for Good" - press enter once done;

After that you will see this screen, since we have PayPal account, we choose "Pay by PayPal" and then we clicked that big yellow button with the word "Checkout with PayPal" on it. If you choose this method, you will then have to log in to your PayPal account - they will redirect you automatically and you will see the usual log in screen.

For those of you who do not have PayPal account or wish to donate directly using your credit card, you can then choose "Pay by Credit Card" and click "Continue" - they will then ask you to fill in some information about you and your credit card and payment confirmation.

And this appear if you choose to pay by PayPal - once you done with your usual PayPal log in, you will see this screen - double check and once OK, click "Continue";

You will then see this screen, we just choose the first one and click "Continue" (basically they informed you that there will be extra 5% charges or you can also choose to give additional 10% or 15% or 20% if you want to);

You will see this screen, double check and once everything is in order, click "Complete Donation";

And you will then see this confirmation screen - that's it, all is good and done - smile, you have done something small but it can be something big and meaningful to those people who are now suffering in Japan;

Last but not least, you will also receive this confirmation e-mail about your donation;

By the way, we show all the above screen shots as a guidance for those of you who interested to make donation. We do not mean to brag about our donation what so ever - what is there to brag for a mere USD 10.00 donation?

It's a small amount, but we are happy to give it for good cause, if many other people do the same, the amount will be bigger.

May God have mercy and help those people who are suffering now and hopefully they can avoid the nuclear reactor problem that is now become another major concern to the Japanese government and people as well as for us outside Japan.

Notes: We do not mean to do specific donation promotion for any organization and apart from the one we can find thru Yahoo! website, you can also donate directly thru any other aid, charity and relief organizations some of them are listed below;

Japanese Red Cross

American Red Cross

Australian Red Cross

British Red Cross



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