Banpresto SCM Ex MSV #2 MS-06R-2 Zaku II Jonny Raiden

This is the review of "S.C.M. Ex MSV #2 MS-06R-2 Zaku II Johnny Ridden" / Johnny Ridden (ジョニー・ライデン Jonī Raiden) - produced by Banpresto - the little brother of Bandai.

The above image of Johnny Ridden is from Gundam Wikia. All rights and credits belong to the respective owner. I do not claim any rights what so ever.

The box;

Out of the box;

You will get the Zaku, 1 pair of extra hand and 2 weapons, some sort of heavy gun and bazooka and that's all. Certainly not much to expect but due to the price (1,450 yen / USD 18 / SGD 23) I guess we can't demand too much.

As usual, let' s have a look at this Zaku first (and as usual, I love to put the shield on the left shoulder instead);

Though mostly, the body parts are the same from the previous 4 models listed below, there are somehow on certain area where Banpresto did change to reflect with the actual MS piloted by Johnny Ridden (most notably on the legs/calf part).

1) Banpresto SCM Ex MSV: Zaku II (MS-06R)
2) Banpresto SCM Ex: Zaku II
3) Banpresto SCM Ex: Char Custom Zaku II
4) Banpresto SCM Ex: Gouf

All the Zakus from Banpresto SCM Ex toy/figure series.

Can you spot the differences from the photos below;

As for the "backpack" - not much changes from the previous purple model.

Articulation (for the price, materials and product category) is excellent!!!

Time for a little bit of action pose with the weapons;

The big bazooka is kind of too big and quite difficult to handle..... sigh

See it is more or less almost the same length/height (or maybe slightly taller/longer) as the Zaku....

Nonetheless, the detailing on the weapons is awesome - love it so much;

You can see the differences from the previous models.... this latest one is huge!!!!

Side by side with the 1/144 GFF RX-78-2 Gundam. Basically the Banpresto SCM Ex figures is just slightly shorter to the true 1/144 scale but then again it is not that bad and in fact for some people, they look almost at the same scale anyway.

Overall, for it's decent low price of 1,450 yen (roughly about USD 18 / SGD 23.00) before adding shipment charges, I personally feel that this figure offer great balance of value for money, collectibles and emotional value as well as action pose and enjoyment.

Just like compact digital camera which is always not a perfect one, this mecha figure is also the same like any other mecha figures, they have their weakness and strength, plus and minus points. At the end we just need to learn on how to make the best use of them.

Then again, at such a low cheap price..... just shut the fuck up!!!! LOL

I'm surely happy now that I have several Zaku II models with different colors at almost about 1/144 and I don't even have to do any assembly works what so ever.

A nice figure for your collection, grab them while stock last!!!!!!

As at the day of this review, this item still available from HLJ, visit the link below;

Note: Stock move fast (on daily or weekly basis) and thus we do not guarantee the availability of this item in the future. The link is provided for reference purpose only.



  1. This toy doesn't have much articulation does it?

  2. Leon, well actually the articulation is quite good I think as you can see I can do the usual kneeling pose there... in fact it's slightly better than those Gundam Fix Figurations (GFF)... so far none of the GFF can do kneeling pose like this Zaku anyway.

    As long as you don't expect the articulation at Figma or Revoltech level, I think you will be very happy with this item.

  3. wow 1450 yen it even cheaper than usual model kit


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