Pulut Panggang Tutong

In our recent trip to Tutong, we managed to have breakfast in the "Chinese kopi-tiam" there and finally tried the "Tutong Pulut Panggang".

Though I heard many says that it's great, the best and bla bla bla, well, personally for me, it's normal. Taste the way I expected how a "pulut panggang" should be. Not much differences in taste in fact. I've tried similar type of food in other places and they are all the same. I eat it, as long as everything is done properly and accordingly as it should be then I think I couldn't ask for more. It's never easy for me to rate that this is better than that, especially when it comes to food.

At the end food is food, if they're properly made and prepared, should be good to eat, simple as that. Obviously for me McD Big Mac burger would taste better than anything else in the world apart from having sex.

Nonetheless, as I said, it taste good and I eat 2 pieces of it, no complain what so ever



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