Macro in the park V2

Just another day of Macro photography in the park... with the exception of the above photo, all of the photos below were taken using Canon 1000D + Canon EF-50mm F/1.8 Mark II Lens and

The first insect is this fly;

And these, not sure the name, so I just called them Angie Wong;

This one I nicknamed it Tommy Wong;

On the way out, I saw this lizard species, don't know the exact name so I just named it as Lizarus Wong;

And probably the best catch of the day - this gorgeous spider;

Macro photography is quite difficult and can be expensive and time consuming and tiring - but the excitement to find a new species or new type of insects that we never seen before can always make you forget all those difficulties and just keep on shooting in joy - I was amazed and also cautious when taking photos of an unknown species - you'll never knew if they will attack and if they're poisonous or deadly....



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