Kaspersky Antivirus 2011

February is always the time for us to replaced our Anti Virus to protect our beloved machine. Last year we choose the Panda Anti Virus (from Spain) and this time around we decided to give a try on this Russian technology - overall, I stick with the European technology for now.

Frankly speaking, I don't really know which is the best anti virus as there are plenty out there. At the end, price and availability on the day I did my purchase are always the main factors that influenced my selection.

The price for this one is SGD 35.00 (about USD 27.00)

The contents - of the box;

Installation is easy, after that you just do the product activation online...

And then just do the updating... hoping that you'll get the latest protection patterns...

And from there onwards, just keep on updating and hope that no virus will fucked up your machine, there is no 100% guarantee but let's just hope for the best....

How about you? Do you use free anti virus or do you pay for your anti virus?

Do you always change and/or try different brand of anti virus? Or do you prefer to stick to 1 brand only?



  1. Currently using AVG (free) with Comodo Firewall and not forgetting safe practices in computing.

  2. I use Microsoft Security Essentials. It's free, easy to use and light on CPU.

  3. This is a russian product?! Never new that.

  4. Kaspersky Activate!!! I bet they do have trans am mode hehe

    been using Kaspersky ever since hehe


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