Happy Valentine's Day 2011

Shewsbury Land wishes you all fellow Shewsburian and all friends, regular readers and visitors of Shewsbury Land - Happy Valentine's Day 2011, let the love remain forever in our hearts till our last breath on this earth....

Go out and love one another and make love till the very last drop of your sperm - don't hold it, just ejaculate as you please!!! LOL....

Since this is a "Valentine's Day Special", we would like to highlight some fun elements related to Valentine's Day.

Though I personally feel that it's bad if you only remember to do special things for your love on Valentine's Day and don't bother about it for the rest of they years but then again people will label me as "Anti-Christ" for such statement, so yeah, for fuck sake, since Valentine's Day is good for love, good for business and with all the fuzz today, what the fuck, let's just join the fun together and appreciate love like we never did before... LOL...

By the way how many of you out there take the effort to buy flowers, gifts, chocolate or what ever for you darling? On a side note, I personally think that chocolate is not really a good idea coz it's kind of sweet and bad for teeth - at least that's what dentist will say to you LOL...

First, we going to highlight the Roses stuff... the meaning of roses, their colors and their numbers...

We're not gonna tell you the same stuff that you read in other website but rather we gonna tell you what they means in according to the customs and tradition of Shewsbury Land....

Meaning of the colors in accordance to Shewsbury Land;

RED = I want to see you wearing red underwear

PINK = Please be kinky

YELLOW = I love to licked you deep down below

WHITE = Can I skip condom for tonight?

Well, due to the unpredictable weather, that's the only 4 type of roses available in Shewsbury Land and any other color are not allowed without the approval of Department of Agriculture and Gardening.... LOL

Secondly, we will highlight about the meaning of numbers in accordance to Shewsbury Land customs and tradition.

Meaning of numbers of roses;

1 Rose = I'm broke but I hope I can get "lucky"

2 Roses = I have a steady partner and I hope you can be my secret mistress.

3 Roses = I love sex

5 Roses = I want to fuck you

7 Roses = Wanna "do it" with you every single day

12 Roses = You're just one out of a dozen girlfriends I have now

15 Roses = Sorry honey, I just fucked someone else but you still the queen of my penis

20 Roses = Believe me, I just want to have sex and nothing else

38 Roses = I'm a busy man but I sure always have time for a "quickie"

40 Roses = I'm 40 years old, I can hold my ejaculation longer and make your cum many times more that you could ever imagine.

69 Roses = I'm a pervert, so you better watch out

99 Roses = I want to "bang" you over and over again

100 Roses = What the fuck!!!

Last but not least, we will talk a bit about the Valentine's gifts. I'm sure if you Google around, there are many blogs and/or website that can give you some sort of ideas or suggestion for the best gifts you should give to your darling.

See, this is the part when I mentioned earlier, Valentine's Day is good for business...

One of the way is that you put in some effort and write all those sweet romance bullshit words hoping to make your darling feel "high and drunk" of your love....

In response to this, you could use the "Love Tablets" that we reviewed here in August 2009;


Now if you decided to do such "sweet stuff" you must be aware of certain things.

Love is a game that we all love. Thru love we will make love but sometimes love can be pain in the ass and love can be hurtful and painful - though no matter what we humans always chased for that wonderful feeling of romance and for some, no body how many times they have failed, they never scared to try again, over and over again.... that's love...

If you want to convey your feelings by writing all those "sweet words", for example using this "Love Tablets" - you must be certain about your situation with that lady.

If she is your wife or steady partner, then I guess it's OK to go all out and say all those romance words.

But if she is just one of your "flings" or "short-term" thingy (or even someone for just one night fun), you better be smart in playing around those words. It can be dangerous or too early to be committed with the following words;

- I'm eternally yours

- Wanna be forever with you

- I wanna grow old with you

and bla bla bla... what ever... if the lady happen to be some "psycho" and you end up leaving her or if she suddenly found out that you're cheating - you'll never knew someday your penis might be sliced into several pieces while you were sleeping... LOL

Remember - anything you said will and can be used to against you in the future.... for some reason it's kind of freaky....

But then again, as I said earlier, if it's to your wife or steady partner, then by all means... go all out and convey your thoughts the way you want it to be....

Additionally, some guys eventually lazy to do all those troublesome stuff and rather choose a more simple approach by just buying some nice gifts - be it jewelries, gadgets, electronic stuff, micro wave, LCD TV or even those "fun vibrators"- what ever...

One of the example is you could choose a watch....

Depending on how meaningful the person to you, you could choose from a variety of price tags that suits your budget, you can find lots of gorgeous design at the Arumugam Departmental Store near you.

We don't know and we don't give a damn about old skeptical opinions or odds tradition that some people might have about giving watch as a gift but in accordance to the custom and tradition of Shewsbury Land, giving watch means "All the best wishes, take this watch so you don't be late for our next sex session or else I'm gonna fuck you in anger LOL"

Talking about watch, Casio is the official favorite watch for Shewsbury Land.

The best thing about watch, you can buy the original pricey one and some of them comes with friendly price tag BUT you can also buy those cheap but stylish types you can find anywhere on the night market or even in the black market... LOL

Nonetheless, that's about it for now... we have 2 more fun articles coming up soon for today, come check out Shewsbury Land again later...

What ever we said above, don't take it seriously, in Shewsbury Land we are pervert and we love to have fun, if you don't like it, go read Danny Choo site (or any other site that can make you happy), he have less pervert and sex stuff but he sure have lots of interesting articles about Japan and Toy/Figures industries as well as Otaku stuff that you may like.

In Shewsbury Land, we don't give a fuck, we have no contracts to be "clean and honorable" what so ever... stay and enjoy if you like, get the fuck out if you don't like it... simple as that... LOL

Our main icon and inspiration, the legendary pervert "Franz von Stresemann" from Nodame Cantabile said: "Do what you like the most with passion and have fun with it as much as you should just like the way you would enjoy sex.... LOL"

Happy Valentine's Day 2011 To All.....



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