Happy Chinese New Year 2011 - The Rabbit Year

Shewsbury Land wishes you A Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year 2011 - The Rabbit Year...

Hope we all will be blessed with lots of love, joy, happiness and lots of good luck and great fortunes...

This is a special figure photo session from the representatives of the 3 biggest clan in Shewsbury Land - the Figmas, the Kamen Riders and of course the Gundams.

First are the popular twins in Shewsbury Land, representing the Figma community;

Followed by Kamen Rider Heat Metal (from Kamen Rider W);

and "TaToBa Ozu sama" from Kamen Rider OOO;

Both of them representing the Kamen Rider community which suddenly become prominent members on Shewsbury Land and dominates most of the review sections for the Tiger Year.

And last but not least, representing the Gundam community, Teddy Bear Wong or rather well known as Beargguy outside Shewsbury Land.

Happy Chinese New Year 2011 - The Rabbit Year - 恭禧發財 - from the creative team and the citizens of Shewsbury Land....

Thank you for visiting Shewsbury Land and thank you for all your nice comments and support...

We will be away for our short break till February 8, 2011 (Tuesday).



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