Nokia C5

Bought this last month as a Christmas gift to my self for SGD 238.00 (USD 184 / 15,325 yen) with 2GB Micro SD card and screen protector included as free gift.

It's been like over 2 years since I last use Nokia phones. I remember many years ago I use lots of Nokia phones, seriously, a lot - up till now I probably have used almost 40 mobile phones (since 1998) but then again some other people maybe already tried over 100 phones.

Last time when I use Nokia phones with the Symbian 60 OS, at first they were OK, but slowly the following models tend to be fucked. The OS will "hang" or become "non-responsive" and after a while I dislike it and switched to Sony Ericsson.

With Sony Ericsson, I never experienced those "hang" or "non-responsive" issue on their OS platform.

However, I guess after many years now Nokia Symbian 60 OS have improved a lot and so far in using this Nokia C5, I don't have any issue what so ever, the OS runs perfectly well.

The reason why I suddenly decided to buy this phone is simply because I just want to experienced this Garmin Navigation/GPS software which according to the local dealer currently it only works on Nokia Symbian 60 platform. As an important additional factor, that particular Nokia phone must also have the built in GPS thingy and this Nokia C5 fit the bills.

In fact for that local price of SGD 238.00 I can get the Nokia 5230 XM, a touch screen type of phone in response to the current hype of touch screen thingy but I'm just a regular old man who prefer the old fashion simple phone with keypads. I'm not ready yet to join those touch screen band wagon but I will not deny the possibilities in 3 or 5 years later maybe - but not yet for now.

The box;

Out of the box;

As I mentioned earlier, comes with 2GB memory card, as well as what ever you see below; stereo earpiece, USB cable and charger;

The phone, neat and simple, typical old fashion candy bar;

Not too big and not too small either.... just nice....

2.2 inches screen with 240 x 320 pixels, TFT 16 million colors.

Comes with 3.2MP fixed focus camera and LED "flash"which also can do video stuff - wow - hardly will use this anyway as I prefer my Panasonic LX3 and Fujifilm HS10.

On top is the port and hole for charger, USB cable and earpiece...

On this side you can see the covered memory card bay and the volume adjustment button.

The typical Symbian 60 OS menu interface in which you can customized accordingly;

As I mentioned earlier, this latest edition of Nokia Symbian 60 OS is quite good. Everything runs smoothly and perfectly so far.... no more "hang" stuff.... I love it now, this is really what I expect from the Nokia that I knew since over 10 years ago.

And this is now the Garmin GPS stuff.... the main reason for me to buy this phone;

After using it for 2 weeks now, I can say that this software is extremely fantastic, brilliant, excellent. It's quite accurate and reliable and it offers lots of customization. I have bookmarked many area that I always visit and on top of that so far it managed to guide me to certain area in which I'm not so familiar yet. Brilliant absolutely brilliant.

If you still have doubt and wondering about this Garmin, all I can say, worry no more, just install it and start using it... after a while you get addicted to it...

As for this Nokia C5, overall it is a simple candy bar form mobile phones that offers decent features and connectivity options including GPS services. If you like a simple old fashion phone with GPS, this is one of them that you can seriously consider. I really like this phone and very happy with it, hope I can use it for a very long time....

You can read a more detailed review (if you interested) about this phone from GSM Arena by clicking the link below;

How often do you change your mobile phone?

Do you still stuck with the old fashion phones with keypad or do you already using the more advance touch screen phones now?



  1. I haven't change for 3 years hahaha Since after that the cellphone "boom" are BlackBerry and Iphone I don't fond Big Stuff

  2. erm....... the GPS is it you muz download or is it already in the phone itself?

  3. @ gunpla4ever,

    GPS is a space-based global navigation satellite system (GNSS) that provides reliable location and time information in all weather and at all times and anywhere on or near the Earth when and where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites.

    It is maintained by the United States government and is freely accessible by anyone with a GPS receiver.

    It is basically a "hardware" included on certain models of Nokia mobile phones:

    N8, C7, C6, C5, E5, N97 32GB, N97 MINI, X6, E72, E71, E52, N82, 6760 SLIDE, N79, N86, N85, 5330 XM SLIDE, N96, N95 1GB, N95 8GB, E90, 5230 XM TOUCH SCREEN, 5730 XM SLIDE, E75 SLIDE, 5800 XM TOUCH SCREEN, E66, 6710 NAVIGATOR, 6220c

    Additionally, certain other mobile phones models from Sony Ericsson, Samsung etc. may have GPS receiver as well but I'm not sure yet if this Garmin Navigation software are compatible with their models.

  4. My Sony Ericsson X1 also have Garmin, managed to guide me out of KL but not before "trying" to make me penetrate an expressway divider and directed me to go through an army hospital...

    Moral of the story: don't always trust the GPS and use our commonsense.

  5. no GPS for me yet... i'm using google maps :) inaccurate but since i'm fine decent with directions and maps (and my pathfinder watch ;-) ) i can manage fine. opted for a qwerty keypad phone (nokia e63) over a touchscreen phone.


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