New dessert in Japanese restaurant

Went to the local Japanese restaurant today for lunch, I'm craving for my usual favorite "Niko udon dry with beef" but unfortunately today the "udon" (the noodles) is a little over cooked, a bit disappointed with it.

First this is the Niko Udon Dry with Beef...

OK, this is the first of the 2 new dessert the staff mentioned to me today, the name is Machi Macha.

Basically it is some sort of rice balls mixed with green tea, flour and what ever any other stuff they put in there and inside is red bean.

This how it looks like after I eat some of it - you can see the red bean inside;

They served this cold - fresh from freezer - I guess that is the sensible way for this kind of stuff.

How does it feel? Well, I honestly don't really fancy it, it's quite nice for those who have fetish for this kind of foods but as for me, I can give 6 out 10 - kind of above average in accordance to Keichi Tsuchiya ejaculation standard.

The next one, no Japanese name for it, they just call it Tom Cruise LOL..... well, not really but rather a straight forward "Rice Cake in Bamboo Leaves"

They wrapped it with bamboo leaves like this, I have to do some work to untie that shit there, at the end I have to borrow some scissors from them as I don't like it if my hand get dirty with such sticky shit....

This is how it looks like once u manage to get rid of that fucking bamboo leaves wrapper...

Rice cake with some sort of creamy shit inside it, taste quite nice - they served this cold also - have to be that way....

I guess if I were to give rating, I will surely give a magnificent 7 out of 10 - which means "good" in accordance to Keichi Tsuchiya ejaculation level.

I guess so far the Mango Vanilla Anmitsu is still the best dessert and one of the thing that I love the most apart from sex.

By the way below is the photo of the Nendoroid that we have, I decided to just put them in the office as I think it is better that way...

The theme is "K-On Girls Concert sponsored by Premier tissue"

Basically this is how my work space looks like with all the Nendoroids species around it;

As I mentioned in my previous post about the Nendoroid K-On, I just want to keep those with school uniform as I am not interested at all with those wearing swim suit or bikini or what ever.

And below you can see the Lucky Star girls;

That's about it, nothing great but this is all that I've got....



  1. Nice Terminator head,I like your workspace simple not so many useless stuff all you need PCs,Papers,etc

  2. the Rice Cake in Bamboo Leaves after peel look like rambutan to me and i though you going to make an advertisement for the premier tissue also lol.

  3. You have 2 laptop and 1 additional screen? Big business going here.


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