Nendoroid Petite Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set

The first figures/toys stuff review for the year of 2011 and there is no better way to start the new year by rekindle our passion for Lucky Star, the best thing ever exist since Star Wars in 1977.

This is the review for Nendoroid Petite Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set with retail price of 2,667 yen (about SGD 42.00 before adding shipment charges) but if you can get it with 30% discount then it will be a more fair deal - at least that's what I thought.

The box;

Out of the box;

These all that you'll get, nothing more, nothing less;

First, we will look at Hiiragi Tsukasa as Ken (Muthusami Kumaresan);

Typical Nendoroid Petit can't stand on their own... always rely heavily on the display stand.

So this is now Tsukasa as Ken...

There is some simple articulation on the neck/head part - for all 4 of them in fact, you can turn the big head both to the left and right side....

Tsukasa is ready to do the usual Dragon Punch move - a very important skill one must mastered if they want to use Ryu, Ken or Akuma in those Street Fighter games. I remember those days in the early 90's when Street Fighter 2 was the best fighting game at that time, I struggle a bit to mastered this attack, it took me several months to really get the hang of it...

Next is Hiiragi Kagami as Ryu (Subramaniam Ramachandran)

The twin ponytails have nice articulation;

The best part is you can take it out and see Kagami without it - like this;

Or like this;

Either way, both of them looks cute....

Kagami is ready to do shoot the "hadoken"

Next is the popular Otaku, Izumi Konata as Guile (Gurmeet Singh)

The knee of the right leg have some minor articulation;

With that simple articulation, you can choose to display her like this;

Or you can also display her doing the "Sonic Boom" moves by attaching the optional hands supplied for her;

Adjust that right knee/leg and this is it now - Sonic Boom;

Last but not least, the moe moe Takara Miyuki as Viper (Vikram Siraj)

Well for me personally, as a figure product, I don't really fancy these Nendos actually, I prefer watching Japanese Porn than this Nendos, no doubt about it... but then again... since this is Lucky Star official merchandise and since the 4 of them come in 1 packaging and since I get 30% discount on it - thus I don't mind to have it as compliment to my Lucky Star Figma collection.

Overall, this is a very cute Nendo set that should be attractive to those hardcore Lucky Star fans or those Nendo fans. For some reason, I plan to bring this Nendo and put it on my office desk rather than leave it on the shelf... will think about it....



  1. ooh la la viper ^^ haha Konata looks more like she's constipated than sonic boom-ing xD

  2. put it in the office as it will make nice deco on the office table. that what i do to my office table hahaha

  3. lol where do you get the indian name from??

  4. Diamond, I got it from your blog LOL....


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