Nendoroid Petite K-On! #01

This is the review for Nendoroid Petite K-On! #01 produced by Good Smile Company (well, I can't remember any other company doing Nendoroid now anyway).

This is a 12 pieces in 1 box set which includes the 5 K-On band members the energetic but stupid Tainaka Ritsu, the super moe moe pervert Akiyama Mio, the talented but lazy ass Hirasawa Yui, the rich and brilliant Kotobuki Tsumugi and lastly the fellatio expert Nakano Azusa - too be honest I don't really fancy her - but oh well, the producer and director insisted on bringing another member to the band, let it be so for now....

The box;

Inside the big box there is another 12 small boxes inside;

This how the small boxes looks like;

OK, apparently they don't put any specific label of "inside this box is who and who" but since this is a Nendoroid Petit set the chances to get all of them is 55%.

In HLJ they said the following on the product page;

Possibilities include all five girls in their school uniforms, ready to perform for you with instruments in hand; all five Ho-Kago Tea Time gals in swimsuits--including two versions of swimsuit-clad Azusa, one of them having gotten a bit too much sun--and a secret figure--who will it be?

They even put a precaution measures notes as below;

"Note: Please note that these are trading items and are individually sealed and randomly packed in boxes of 12 by the manufacturer before shipment to HobbyLink Japan. As a result, we are unable to honor requests for individual or specific items, nor can we promise you which one(s) you will receive in a box. Please order only if you are willing to accept any combination of the 12 possible types."

So since this is the 2nd Nendoroid set that we reviewed here in Shewsbury Land, at times I do wonder if I will get a perfect complete set or will this be like one of those mother fucker gashapon stuff.

The result? Let's have a look;

The first box that I opened, apparently we got the "who will it be - secret figure" - the answer is "moe moe intercourse beast Akiyama Mio in maid costume as seen below;

As standard feature, all box containing this very same reference manual.

OK, Akiyama Mio with maid costume.... makes me thinking about one of those Japanese porn titles - "f**king the naughty maid"....

Just like any other Nendoroid species, the head can turn left and right, some of them have a minimum articulation on shoulder and waist and that's about it....

And as always, they really need that display stand as the head is too big and too heavy for them and thus they cannot be independent without the display stand...

Maid Akiyama Mio with her eyes close.... probably there are some vibrator operating somewhere down south there.... she's enjoying it with her eye shut.... probably she's about to cum now...

The next one is my favorite, the rich Kotobuki Tsumugi with her Korg Triton Extreme keyboard.

The keyboard have this sticker and stand;

The sticker is for you to stick on the keyboard, to make it look a little detailed a bit. They purposely give 2 units so that you have 2nd chance if in case you fucked up the first one....

This is it - the completed Korg Triton Extreme keyboard;

And this is Tsumugi;

Tsumugi with her keyboard;

The next one is Nakano Azusa with sun burn shit on her wearing the swimsuit;

The ponytails have decent articulation;

And you can also take it out to make her look like this;

Or back to original look;

Next is Tainaka Ritsu in her swimsuit;

Next, the protagonist of Kill Bill LOL - Hirasawa Yui in her school uniform and her red (or maybe maroon) guitar;

Next is again Tainaka Ritsu... apparently this is actually how it looks like when you first take them out from the box (the same applies to the rest of them);

The figure or the nendoroid with all the accessories (if any)

You first have to remove all those plastic - I hate it actually, this contribute to more waste and pollution from plastic materials.... unless if you decided to keep them forever in the box;

Ritsu accessories is somewhat the coolest of them all...

So this is it now Tainaka Ritsu with her drum "Yamaha Hipgig Drumset".

Next is the Nakano Azusa - this time with her school uniform and the red (or maybe maroon) and white Fender Mustang electric guitar;

Next is Akiyama Mio with her left handed bass guitar (or is it right handed? - whatever);

And it seems from there onwards it's all the swimsuit set again, first with Nakano Azusa holding an orange bag full of adult video inside it;

Next is Hirasawa Yui with retarded kind of face;

LOL, looking at the photo while uploading this review - I then realized that the skirt and legs part should be the other way round.... LOL...

Next is Akiyama Mio still with her eyes shut - must be enjoying the vibrator hidden down there...

And last but not least Kotobuki Tsumigi, do you believe that her father is the owner of Kotobukiya - maker of Revoltech - or so I guess...

This is all of them now in the school uniform with their musical instruments;

And all of them with their swim suits;

And these 2 figures as an extra and "secret bonus";

Overall, if you are one of those big fans of K-On! gals and want to buy every single merchandise related to the series, especially the figures, I guess you will surely willing to spend your money to grab this adorable, cute but gorgeous Nendoroid - no doubt about it.

As for me, since I miss all the previously released (and now temporarily discontinued) Figma line up for all 5 of them, I guess this Nendoroid set is the only way to compensate that. As a sign of my support to K-On anime, at least I got this Nendoroid set.

The price for this item, the whole 1 set of them is 5,712 yen (about SGD 89.00 yen before adding shipment charges), so I my prediction is that retailers will sell them at around or within SGD 120.00 to SGD 140.00 (and some retailers maybe will put higher price for what ever reason).

I'm not sure if this is expensive or is this cheap to you but I guess it all depend on how you look at it.

From my point of view after watching plenty of Japanese Adult Movie, as a nendoroid set, you will get all 5 of them in their school uniform and their musical instruments and you can do the concert right away.

As a compensation if you miss the Figma set, well, you wont get all the 5 Figma for the price of SGD 89.00 for sure. You can masturbate as much as you like or go fuck yourself but surely there is no way you can get 5 original Figma of Yui, Mio, Ritsu, Tsumugi and Azusa for 5,712 yen.

As a bonus (though actually it is included within the pricing factor) you also get all 5 of them in their swim suit. I personally dislike the swim suit set, not only for this K-On but also for any other characters that become a figures with just swim suit - I dislike them. Even if it's Lucky Star characters, I wont buy them. Feels so yuckie!!!

Seriously, I will donate these K-On Nendoroid petite figures in swim suit to who ever wanted it. Maybe I will reserve 1 for my friend Little Queenie as I will visit her again soon. Do any of you want them?

However, I do like the "secret figure" Mio in maid outfit... that is one fucking fetish....



  1. Love your review! Naughty Mio... I helped my friend buy this one online but never got to see it opened. I think the boxes usually contain 1 of each figure, so most of the time you would get the complete set.

  2. u must be really Lucky to get 1 of each from all the 12 box lol. it is either that or they intend to sell it like that and not like gashpon item

  3. DJ, if u seriously dont want the swimsuit set, you can give them to me. I would be more than happy to have them :3

  4. wow David Fall To big headed Nendo now....

    LOl Nice review, I won't watch Kill bill anymore if that ever appear in kill bill hahaha

  5. Diamond, yes I am serious that I don't like figures with just bikini of swimsuit especially if they are school kids age...

    and I'm serious that I'm willing to donate these K-On Nendo Petit with swimsuits to anybody who wanted it...

    unfortunately you are a little too late, the moment my staff read this post, they asking me for it and I give it to them - I seriously only want to keep those with school uniform and musical instruments only and the Mio in maid costume.

    The lesson is, if I do mentioned in the post that I want to give it to those who interested, that means I really do want to let it go...

    Thanks for your interest, try again next time...

  6. Aya, unless if they make a similar complete set for Lucky Star characters, I am pretty sure that this will be the last Nendoroid species to appear in Shewsbury Land... though I'm not ruling out the possibility of reviewing the Nendos owned by our friends if they want me to do it for them....

  7. aww too bad... hehe its ok... i hav them oredy also, saja want extra ;p

  8. @David John they made 2 set of Lucky Star before

    kind of rare now

  9. Aya, yes that's the one, unfortunately I missed that one... not easy to get it now, even if we can find it in E-Bay, the price is not friendly and even if you can get the "friendly price" - you might worry if that is actually the fake products.

    So for now I just crossed my fingers and hope for a future "Reissue" - if that will ever happen...


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