Jean Perry Bamboo Charcoal Pillow

Another item that I got recently. Jean Perry Bamboo Charcoal Pillow which able to eliminate moisture, noxious smell and air, keeping the bed dry and surrounding air fresh and possess sterilization effect of killing germs and bacterias usually caused by sweats.

All those features costs SGD 55.00 for each pillow (about USD 43.00 / 3,482 yen) - honestly it's kind of pricey but that's the price to pay if you want to get a good quality pillow that can help you enjoy your sleep like a princess...LOL

In fact there are some pillow that cost more than this, as much as SGD 100.00 plus... no joke but true... the price can really go higher... just for a pillow...

Currently I am using this Louis Casa Fusion Pillow Deluxe, it's nice, expensive (can't remember the price but higher than this Jean Perry surely) and I'm quite happy with it but after a year, it's time to let it rest a while and try another pillow. Will use this again after a month or so...

Most of this pricey pillow seems to be able to have this "Anti Dust Mite" features in it.

You can and should read about "House Dust Mite" from Wikipedia.

That's how the pillow look like;

A close up look on the design;

Nothing much on the rear part though...

They said that this is "healthy pillow" what ever bullshit that means, I don't know, but after using it - it makes me feel lazy to wake up for my usual morning jogging session.... makes me feels want to sleep a little bit longer, and little bit more and so on....



  1. i also just bought one :)not bad, but this Bambo Charcoal Memory Pillow(Jean Perry) is more comfortable.


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