Fried Noodles

Fried noodles is a common dish throughout East and Southeast Asia. There are many varieties, cooking styles, and ingredients exist varies from one place to another but in general most of them are also almost the same with maybe just a few minor modification amongst them. Stir-fried, pan-fried and even deep fried - they are all brilliant.

Fried noodles is one of my favorite food of all time. The one we featured here today is fried noodles from 1 of the popular Chinese restaurant in here, "Golden Leaf" the name.

This is fried noodles with roasted pork;

Tsukasa love it as well...

The popular name amongst the Chinese is "Chow Men" which is literally stir-fried wheat noodles.

If you are a Chinese, you either have already tried this before OR you also love this food.

Roasted pork - many loves it....

Apart from this + roasted pork combo, I also love the one with + BBQ pork combo and in fact the one with + beef and/or chicken is not bad either. At the end it all came down to the talent and skills of the one who cook it.

The Indian within Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore also have their own variety popularly known as "Mee Goreng Mamak" (or basically "Mamak Fried Noodles" in English) and you can find it in almost all of those Indian restaurant or "Mamak stalls" in Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore.

Do you also love fried noodles? You like it with pork? chicken? beef? or just eggs? or with any other variety of combination maybe?



  1. from the picture it is golden leaf from batu satu or some call it mile one.

    for mee goreng mamak if u go to KB/seria u should try and stop by kk koya.

  2. Billy, it is indeed Golden Leaf as I did mentioned it in the second paragraph up there.... LOL

  3. ya i know but they also got 1 more branch at batu besurat. they tea c special dont take with gula melaka, i learn my lesson there hahaha


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