Carex Blind Spot Mirror

Grab this thing since it's cheap (SGD 4.00 / USD 3.20 / 253 yen) though I don't really know if it's really necessary or not...

You can adjust the angle accordingly;

The attachment method is simple by just using this industrial double tape from 3M.

Just put it on that corner of the side mirror there;

Thankfully this "Gouf" that I'm driving have this cool adjustment method for the side mirror, it works like those Sony PS2 analog joystick thingy, very easy....

The result, oh well... I can see a little bit more than before.... but it's not that I going to see it all the time while driving anyway. Blind spot, it could be tricky to deal with.

Do you also use this kind of thing on your car? Do you think it is really useful?



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