Size comparison - Figma and SHF

As requested by one of our friends and maybe also some of you might be interested to knew about it.... this is it now, the size comparison between Figma Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and Sonchaku Henshin Figuarts (SHF) Kamen Rider 1 from Bandai.

By the way, if you havent, you can read the review for Figma Kamen Rider Dragon Knight in here and S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider 1 in here.

OK, moving on, Figma KR Dragon Knight (Ryuki) is 3cm tall, I guess the same size for most of the Figma.

The SHF KR 1 and naturally all other Kamen Rider figures from SHF as well is 14cm tall - slightly more but not really 15cm - almost there basically...

In the photo below, you can see them both, side by side;

The SHF is slightly taller than the Figma....

Interesting though that even if the Figma Ryuki is at 13cm tall, the proportion of the body size is basically identical to that SHF KR 1.

OK, that's all for now, hope that can answer your curiosity about the height and size....

As for the question of his favorite food, the answer is Kamen Rider Ryuki love to eat pork and he dislike duck meat because he said duck is ugly.

In addition it has to be made clear in here that Kamen Rider Ryuki also love to watch Japanese porn during his free time.



  1. so juts small differences hmm kinda like Figma proportion more not looks skinny

  2. I really like that SH KR.u have nice collection there,esp the KR 1-3 hehe im gettin 1 soon eh xP

  3. Ex-Mecha, if u like KR then you should get them, fulfill your dream while you can... I do have some in my collections, but not really much, just a small number of them....

  4. Actually DJ, U should wait for the SHF ryuki then u can compare it coz different KR got different articirculation n height n design XD

  5. Gunpla4ever, good point, don't worry, if someday Bandai release SHF Ryuki, we will do the comparison again, special for you... hehehe...


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