SOAS Park in BSB

Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddien (that is the correct full name) which I referred here shortly and simply as SOAS Park (literally Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Park) is located in at the heart of Bandar Seri Begawan and if you happen to visit the town, it is impossible to missed it...

Surrounding the square are many buildings of historical, administration, business and tourism interest including the famous SOAS Mosque, general library, the old government TV and Radio head quarters (Radio Television Brunei - RTB), post office, some ministries building, shopping mall, shop lots, banks and food outlets.

On October 4, 1970 the government change the name of the then Brunei Town into Bandar Seri Begawan and in fact in this month of October 2010, it has been 40 years now.

It seems that soon, most probably by end of this month, they will organize some sort of celebration to commemorate the 40th anniversary.... I look forward to it....

Some of the official state event and celebration like the assembly and marching for "National Day/Independence Day" and "King's Birthday" always took place in this square.

In the early morning and in the late afternoon, people will come her to do some jogging and any other healthy exercise and I my self will sometime roaming around the area to find insects for macro photography. On Sunday and on certain public holidays, many foreign workers love to hang out in this area as well and from time to time there will be tourist walking around taking picture of the SOAS Mosque. Apart from that, this square park also become a venue for some sport events like "thug of war - Brunei style" and also some Soft Ball games.

In conjunction with this anniversary special, I decided to upload some photos of this "SOAS Park" in sephia color mode - something to make it look a little classic...



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