Lebkuchen Schlitten

1 of our boss, just back from his homeland in Europe and he bought me this Lebkuchen Schlitten which according to Google Translate, the meaning is "Gingerbread Sleigh".

This is the box...

Let's have a look at the contents...

So you will get all this stuff... mostly foods stuff - a manual in Deutsche (Germans) is also provided but I don't really understand much... I think I can understand Swedish slightly better than Germans though I knew a few easy German words...

I decided to assemble this together with my office gals.... but now I need some idea on how to stick those candies onto the bread? using sperm is not permitted - the only thing I can think off is using those fruit jams or maybe those cream.....

Do you have any idea to share with me?



  1. try using mayo or mustard. it nice.

  2. cream cheese? icing sugar perhaps? or melted chocolates?

  3. cream cheese, icing sugar or melted chocolates - OK, thanks Anon, I will seriously consider that... will look for it in Hua Ho soon...


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