Le Snake

*Captured with Fujifilm HS10

I don't really know the correct name or species name of this snake... but I just nick named it as "Yellow Phyton" a.k.a "Yvonne Peter".

A friend of mine, Hussein his name (Chinese name is Wong Hu Tsien), have this hobby of exotic pets... like this Yvonne Peter and he also have some big spider, will upload the article later...

When ever I look at this snake, it reminds me of McDonald Big Mac McValue Meal.... though I don't know what is the relation but I like to think about food when I look at this snake...

Look at those lovely red gorgeous eye... I think the eye have this infra red scanner with 38x optical zoom and image stabilizer.

Have you ever tried holding snake so dearly like this;

Do you also have this pet hobby thingy? I would love to keep a cat but our house is kind of tiny and I'm lazy to clean up the smelly feaces... having a pet require some big responsibility...

How about eating snake meat? did you ever try it? I have a friend working as army, he told me while in the jungle, there are times when they do eat all this kind of "exotic foods" - but if you go to China, I guess you can find those restaurants serving this kind of meal... if you can eat them...

I wonder what will happen if you trained this snake to do some "oral sex" thingy on your "little brother john" down there.... they sure can suck.... as long as they don't bite your "little john"...

Ejaculating in snake mouth.... how cool is that...



  1. baby phyton? cool, from petlink? or ebay? hehe. how did your friend brought the snake in?

  2. Fact is, snakes uses their tongues to "see" via smell as their eyes are... nearly useless. But hey, those pair WILL invoke fear in their preys. >D

    p.s. I do recall a case where a guy was found dead in China and autopsy found an eel in his, um... rectal hole... *facepalms*

  3. holding the snake was fun~ cool slithery texture rubs against your skin XD

  4. You guys are allowed to keep snakes in Brunei? I don't think they allow here in Singapore....

  5. BD77, wow... that guy really experiment such thing on his "little john" - now that is absolute coolness...

  6. Anon/The blog - I don't know where and how he bought it but it is not something that I would keep in my house as pets... I don't mind to snap some photos of them - but to keep them at home, feeding them and look after them... it's not in my mind ever....

  7. oh!, rarely i see or heard someone keeping exotic pets in their home though. keeping cats, dogs, birds or fish are common, but snakes? i wonder what it feeds on? on a note, i heard that eating snakes or drinking its blood can increase your libido? sexotic animal as you say it?


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