Pao or bao, baozi, bau, nunu, pow or pau is a steamed, filled bun or bread-like (i.e. made with yeast) item of Chinese cuisines and have no relation what so ever with the famous Justice Pao from the Chinese legend...

There is much variation as to the fillings and the preparations - usually it is common to see it in white color and it can be filled with meat and/or vegetarian fillings.

The first common type measuring at roughly about 10 cm across, served individually, and usually purchased for take-away (or we used to call it tapao).

The other common type, measure approximately 4 cm wide and are most commonly eaten in the restaurant (during that "dim-sum" eating session).

There are several common type that I know exist for sure in Brunei/Malaysia/Singapore:

1. Cha siu pao / charsiu bau = filled with BBQ flavored pork
2. Kai pao = filled with BBQ flavored chicken
3. Doushabao / tau se pao = filled with sweet black/red bean paste
4. Kaya pao = filled with Kaya, a coconut jam popular in Malaysia and Singapore

Even so, I believe there are plenty of other varieties that might exist and I don't know about it and especially if you go to Hong Kong and China but I think the above 4 are very common in here.

Don't be surprise if you visit China Town in Shewsbury Land, they also have some exotic types known as "Condom Pow" and "Sperm Pow"... very yucky but very popular...

The fun about Condom Pow is that when you eat it, you might find a free condom in either strawberry or orange flavor - packed randomly just like the gashapon toys - though some restaurants might also give you an added "used condoms" for fun sake depending on your "attitudes and manner" when buying the pow...

The Sperm Pow is just typical normal pow with no freebies inside but you have the chance (unknowingly) eating the sperm of the chef and later say to yourself... "mmm, this is damn good pow, very juicy"...

We in Shewsbury Land love to eat pow (I prefer this spelling variation hehehe) - most of our office staff also like it as well.

My favorite are only the Cha-Siu Pow and the Tau Sa Pow...

Do you know that Pow is originally created by Dr. Wong Fei Hung and Professor Fong Sai Yuk in China Town of Shewsbury Land based on the idea of an engineer named Pauline Pow. It was known as the white bun then in the year of 38 A.D.

After that they export it to Japan and later Korea and finally China where after the famous "Ah Beng and Chee Kiong War" in Kowloon Tong they finally changed the name to Pao/Pow (or rather baozi).... not many believed this legend but if you high on dope, I'm sure you will still confuse about it.

Do you also like to eat pow? what is your favorite pow of them all?



  1. Yes, I like Bao. Cha sew Bao and vegetable Bao are my favorites.

  2. there is 1 more call tua pau or big pau inside the filling are meat, vege, n a half boil egg but i still cha sew better hahaha

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot about that big pow (Tai Pow / Dai Bao) - also quiet common in here...

  4. Red bean a.k.a Tausa Pau ish mah' favorite ~

  5. Dangit~! At first I had thought is POW as in Prisoner of War... orz

    I prefer mine filled with (flaming spicy) chicken curry. Wait.. Thinking about it makes me hungry...

  6. I swear I thought POW, Prisoners of War...
    I like my Char Siew Pao.^^


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